Author Topic: Open Ocean Capital invests $1M+ in Zentyal. Now what?  (Read 2316 times)


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Open Ocean Capital invests $1M+ in Zentyal. Now what?
« on: December 05, 2011, 06:10:00 pm »
Hi everyone,

as many of you have probably seen in TechCrunch or many other sites, Zentyal has received a $1M+ investment from Open Ocean Capital. In our opinion, Open Ocean is by far the best investor in Zentyal at this stage, given their knowledge in open source and their experience making MySQL such a great success.

Many of you are probably wondering "ok, so what's next?". Well, it is business as usual. Although we signed the deal just last week (by the way, exactly 6 years after Zentyal/eBox became open source; isn't that destiny?) they have been unofficially part of the team for quite a long time. They are going to help the project move forward continuing the same direction, but with more resources and opening new opportunities. In fact, the 3.0 roadmap was prepared considering that the deal was going to be signed, so we could commit specific resources to the development of the product, instead of counting on sporadic availability of our guys. There you can see one of the positive effects of the investment :) You can also expect more people joining Zentyal, more promotion on the project and more presence in the main community and commercial events.

But anyway, I prefer not to promise the earth but to prove it with results :)

CEO at Zentyal


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Re: Open Ocean Capital invests $1M+ in Zentyal. Now what?
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 06:35:08 pm »
First off: a BIG BIG BIG GRATZ to you and the rest of the Zentyal team. It is well deserved. I'm convinced the money will get well spent and make the development of Zentyal and the community grow at a faster pace. I'll do my best to push and pull the community as much as possible to make it grow.