Author Topic: Changes in the Zentyal translation system  (Read 4964 times)

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Changes in the Zentyal translation system
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:37:35 pm »
Hi dear Zentyal translators and users,

As you might have noticed, the i18n system we have used until now had some issues that prevented some translated strings to appear properly on the interface. With the upcoming release of the first Zentyal 2.1 installer, we decided to make some improvements to tackle this issue.

Starting from today, we're glad to introduce you a new system that unifies all the strings on a single zentyal domain, instead of having separate domains for each module, therefore solving this issue. In addition, the new system avoids us having to translate the same string several times and we're able to provide a more uniform translation.

Another major change is that we have separated the translations from the source code and from now on we are going to provide separate packages for each language (language-pack-zentyal-XX, where XX is the country code). This allows us to publish translation updates more often, independently of the changes in the modules.

The drawback of the new system is that due to the unification of the strings, some strings are now marked as fuzzy. Therefore, we would be very pleased if you could log in to Zentyal translation site  and help us to review and update your language. We're sorry for the inconveniences, but we believe that this has been the best choice to assure high-quality translations.
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