Author Topic: Zentyal 7: Domain users always lose their "Desktop" etc. data; temp profile  (Read 972 times)


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I recently installed Zentyal 7 on a local server.
I have the following problem : Domain users can log in on a Windows-Client (usually, Win7 or Win10 Pro), but whatever they create in their profile is never properly saved. For example, one user can create a tiny folder on his desktop, but when he logs out and logs in again, the created folder simply vanishes. Sometimes, users are always logged in with a temporary profile and thus also lose everything they do on their profile, like, for example, Thunderbird settings, stuff on the Desktop, etc.etc.
In one case, a  Windows user logs in into the domain, but is automatically immidately logged off again. This even happens to him if the whole Windows-10-pro-client is freshly installed , so it cannot be because of some old registry settings, .bak registry settings, etc. etc.

Do you have any kind advice of how to deal with this and how to fix these bugs?