Author Topic: Static DNS isn't working with Samba  (Read 1573 times)


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Static DNS isn't working with Samba
« on: March 09, 2018, 03:09:02 pm »

I had Zentyal 5.0.10 deployed with DHCP, DNS and Domain Controller.

I configured fixed Hosts on the DHCP module with dynamic registration on the DNS part, static DNS entries on the DNS module and the Domain Controller ist deactivated.
- In this scenario Zentyal created within Bind the correct forward and reverse zone under /var/lib/bind/ ...
- Name resolution was working (via nslookup checked)

When I enable the Domain Controller the DNS resolution (forward) was ONLY working for registered WIN machines
- Zentyal created only the BIND link AND the reverse zone (under /var/lib/bind)
- The forward zone isn't created under /etc/bind/named.conf.local nor /var/lib/bind

It seems there is a bug in the "*.mas" file and the zone file creation procedure

According this procedure the Samba Bind9 Backend Link is only add to named conf and
no replacement of the domain zone.

Does somebody have the same issue?