Author Topic: Special mail configuration - how to implement this in Webmail ?  (Read 1882 times)


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We have a rather "special" mail configuration. Our setup is as follows:
We have  a local domain, called "companyname.lan" and a Zentyal 4.2 server called "srv01.companyname.lan" (aka 'Server01').

"Server01" fetches the mails for each user from the external domain "" every minute and delivers it to user1, user2, user3.... at srv01.companyname.lan. The fetched, external mails are available for each user at the local imap server on Server01.

When we SEND e-mail, we use the external sending mailserver: ; not the Zentyal "Server01".

In Thunderbird, we can configure this easily, just by selecting the proper sending server.

However, when user1/2/3... logs in into Srv01 as Webmail, he can only send to other local users, not to anyone on the Internet.

Thus, we want to configure webmail so if "user1@companyname.lan" logs in, he should send e-mails as "" and use the existing external mail server "" instead of the local imap server on Zentyal.

Is that possible?

If it is possible, how do I implement this ? What do I have to change in Webmail so it will act like this ?