Author Topic: Chinese netbios name dns resolve problems  (Read 1375 times)


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Chinese netbios name dns resolve problems
« on: April 21, 2016, 09:46:37 am »
Zentyal 4.2

I use RSAT to manage Zentyal's DNS server, I would like to manually add WINS server's static record (Windows Server 2003) to Zentyal's DNS server.

The WINS server's static record contains many Chinese characters, it can not be resolved to an IP address (ping Chinese name) after manually added to the DNS server.

When I join a computer (Chinese name) to zentyal domain, the DNS server's A record has been compiled (Chinese name), ping Chinese name can be resolved to the ip address.

May I ask what is the compiled method (Samba4 internal DNS) to store Chinese characters?

I want to compile the Chinese characters first, then manually added to the Zentyal's DNS server A record.

There are better ways to provide for me? Thank you!