Author Topic: Zentyal as openvpn client, does not change the gateway to the openvpn gateway...  (Read 2818 times)


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I was trying to use a Zentyal 4.1 server not only as a local fileserver, but also as a gateway machine to the rest of the internet.
For this purpose, I thought I could use my existing, working vpn client files, and simply issue "openvpn configfile.conf" and the Zentyal would happily be a working gateway to the vpn server, which would be the gateway to the internet.
HOWEVER, things did not quite work as I supposed them to. When I used the commandline "openvpn configfile.conf" as user root in a Zentyal shell, the Zentyal server DID connect to the VPN server correctly, but it was unable to change the route to that server (tun device,

So what, precisely, do I have to do so that Zentyal would make a connection to this other VPN server and tunnel all the outgoing traffic through it ?