Author Topic: Samba4 extended how'to & Samba updates  (Read 5114 times)


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Samba4 extended how'to & Samba updates
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:35:09 pm »
Hello everyone,

As some of you have already noticed, we still have two pending detailed Samba how-to's (link to the available ones One of the most important ones being the 'Total Migration'. The reason we still don't have written this how-to's is that we are waiting to integrate the last samba release (4.0.3) which is expected to fix a lot of bugs, and thus make the how-to's somewhat different and shorter  :D

  • provision with the correct access control list values by default.
  • honor the ACLs correctly.
  • fixed many issues around FSMO role transfer, and DRS replication stability.

Moreover, from now on, we are going to bundle the binaries and libraries using samba's source code instead of dynamically linking the system libraries. Associated subsystems, like kerberos, ldb and so on will be deployed as intended by the samba developers, fixing another bunch of know issues

Don't hesitate to answer in this thread if you need further clarification of any of the points explained here, we will keep you posted and hope the improvements that we are planning for our future zentyal-samba releases will prove useful to you!

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