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It looks like I could use a hand here...
Overnight I did the upgrade from my old 2.0. server to the Zentyal 2.2. Seemingly there were little problems, but when the migration tool finished,
there was no access to the admin interface anymore.
The last line from the migration tool was:
Code: [Select]
* Starting Zentyal module: apache                                       [fail]
The other error I got during migration was with moving the ssl cert to the new name.
Code: [Select]
mv: cannot stat '/etc/apache/ssl/apache.pem:: No such file or directoryAfter that I copied and renamed the .pem file by hand, but I never had the "etc/apache/ssl" dir but instead "etc/apache2/ssl dir".
So far I so good - but still no Zentyal admin interface.
I looked up robb's post and did the grep command, and sure - nothing listening on port 443.

Code: [Select]
netstat -tlnp | grep apache2
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      23121/apache2
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      9956/apache2

Next, tried robb's suggestion dpkg --reconfigure zentyal
and got "package not installed".
So I did "apt-get install zentyal" and it installed ok.

Trying to restart zentyal apache and got this error:
Code: [Select]
/etc/init.d/zentyal apache restart
 * Restarting Zentyal module: apache                                     [fail]
root command /usr/share/zentyal/change-hostname ~ failed.
Error output: sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 hostname: the specified hostname is invalid

Command output: .
Exit value: 1

I checked the hostname file in /etc and it has the correct hostname inside so I do not understand what is happening?
BTW, It seems that other functions like filesharing and printer sharing are working.

Looking at the Zentyal log, there are a few ugly entries:
Code: [Select]
11/16 03:02:45 DEBUG> EBox::Network::setIfaceStatic - Interface eth0:vif0110 does not exist.
2011/11/16 03:02:45 WARN> EBox::Network::__ANON__ - Network configuration import failed

2011/11/16 03:05:32 DEBUG> EBox::UsersAndGroups::userInfo - user name root does not exist.
2011/11/16 03:05:32 DEBUG> EBox::UsersAndGroups::userInfo - user name hans does not exist.

2011/11/16 03:08:46 INFO> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - Restarting service for module: apache
2011/11/16 03:08:46 ERROR> EBox::Sudo::_rootError - root command /usr/share/zentyal/change-hostname ~ failed.
Error output: sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 hostname: the specified hostname is invalid

Command output: .
Exit value: 1
2011/11/16 03:08:46 ERROR> EBox::Module::Service::__ANON__ - Error restarting service: root command /usr/share/zentyal/change-hostname ~ failed.
Error output: sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
 hostname: the specified hostname is invalid

and finally the output from change-hostname:
Code: [Select]


if [ -z $NEW ]
    echo "Usage: $0 <new_hostname>"
    exit 1


sed -i "s/$CURRENT/$NEW/" /etc/hostname
sed -i "s/$CURRENT/$NEW/g" /etc/hosts
hostname $NEW

In short, it seems that the last steps from the post-upgrade script got interrupted, and now the zentyal admin interface is not starting.
I'm close to jumping of a bridge at the moment, all was working fine before but it got borked. Please help!


For quite some time I've been willing to isolate some subnets or better called network objects.
Say I have some users in object A and some in object B. I made rules in the firewall packet filter to allow those object access to the internet and to services on Zentyal.
Currently it's a simple destination - any / service - any per network object. 

I have assigned the network objects their own subnet. Users all have IP/MAC binding. But the problem is, Zentyal is internally routing between subnets. So users in object A can print on the printer in object B.
I would like to avoid that. In other words, it should be a little more difficult to access users/computers on a different subnet.
How can I adjust the firewall rules so that those object still can use the Internet and the Zentyal services, but without being able to see each other?


I'm a bit confused.
The Zentyal documentation seems to be a little bit different, please observe:

Code: [Select]
At the end of the page there is a section about PDC/File sharing account when editing a user.
But the part that says "select the printers this user will have access to" is totally non existent on my Zentyal box.
- Either the documentation has not been updated/corrected (now that would be sloppy) 
- I have done something wrong at setup.

The problem is that some users can print and others cannot. The CUPS error log says not authorized while they had previously been added to both cups and the Zentyal interface.
I had to change the cups interface from the Zentyal box itself because it was not possible from other machines, even after selecting "allow remote administration"
I'm sure I shared the printer. Yesterday I took a look and the selection box "share this printer" and "allow remote administration" were empty again.

Tried to edit the cupsd.conf but it gets overwritten so that's no solution.
Can someone with a little more experience shed a light on this?
I have a pretty hard time getting it to work, and the docs being different does not help either.
The cups help pages do not even touch the subject of adding users.



I could use a little help setting up the DNS on clients. In short, the problem is this.
All my windows clients have a static IP. The default gateway for them is my Zentyal internal interface IP, and the DNS server is also the Zentyal internal interface IP.
I have enabled the DNS module to be able to make use of the DNS caching feature.

All sites are accessible, but we have our own website locally hosted on the Zentyal box.
That site is not accessible using Zentyal as a DNS cache server!
In Zentyal, I've set up a total of tree DNS servers, first and two Google public DNS as alternatives.

As a workaround, I have set a secondary name server (Google public dns) on the windows clients and in that case our web page resolves just fine.
Opening nslookup and do a query on our website gives the following error:
server failed
And nslookup freaks out on me with this:
*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
*** Default servers are not available
Default Server:  UnKnown

Again, with Google DNS set as secondary name server the query is successful, but it seems that the windows clients take the secondary name server as default.

Goal is to be able to use the Zentyal DNS cache as one and only DNS server. I want to make sure that lookups are done on the Zentyal server whenever possible to shave off a few ms.
There must be a quirk somewhere?


A while back there was a similar post about this issue:

Code: [Select]
And Zentyal was to be updated to no longer show these generic Linux kernel, if I'm correct.
After my Zentyal box has been up and running for some weeks, today these system updates started showing.
A lot of MySQL stuff, Java stuff, antivirus etc. well, nothing out of the ordinary.

But to upgrade the kernel is something to think about. Probably will loose the L7 filtering and voip conferencing.  
There was a comment about not booting. But a reboot sometimes seems to be inevitable.
I'd rather not upgrade, but would like to know what others say about this and most important what is the advice from Zentyal staff?


I've come across something that's over my head...
Today my root partition filled up because of the Squid cache located there. I use the default LVM setup from Zentyal.
I resized the partition, taking some space from the /home volume.
After that, root had enough space but home became corrupted because I skipped the resize fs step.

To resolve that, I deleted the home volume and made a new one. That worked but....
Now I have a totally stripped down desktop interface and menu, even the link to Zentyal via FF is gone!

I temporarily activated root user and put him in the admin group to be able to get to the Zentyal web interface.
Obviously this is an emergency situation, my question is: Can I somehow reconfigure the default options for Zentyal admin user like menu, shortcuts and quotas?

I do not use the /home volume to store anything. Later on I would like to give Squid it's own piece of the disk so it doesn't mess with root. I have a 160 GB velociraptor and two 2TB drives for sharing purposes.

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