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Ok, that's good news thanks.  My next job is to try joining Windows servers to the Zentyal server to make sure that works, and then figure out file/printer sharing and the mail server function.

I think this is now fixed (at least I can see all AD users and groups from within Zentyal). Turned out that I needed to set the DNS zones in Windows to be replicatable to all DNS zones within the forest and not just the domain.  I'm still not convinced DNS is working fully though as none of the records in the Windows DNS server zones show up in Zentyal DNS.

Ok, from the log it's looking like an error loading DNS zones. The forest and domain are both at 2003 functional level and MS-DNS servers is set to only allow secure dynamic updates. Do I need to add my Zentyal server to the "name servers" tab for forward and reverse lookup zones?

I've managed to put in the DomAd password without it complaining by doing through the web interface after it had finished installation, however it fails to save/start the Samba service and leaves it in an unknown state. On the Windows DC I can see that the Zentyal server has been added as a domain controller so clearly something is working, but everytime I click on the "users" button in the web interface it tells me I have to start the domain controller module

Hi, first post and first ever installation of Zentyal as I'm from a Windows background: it was all going so well until I tried setting up as an additional domain controller, but it doesn't seem to like my domain admin password which contains a lot of special characters.  Is there a way around this or is it a bug due to be fixed?  I don't really want to change the DomAd password if I can help it.

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