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Installation and Upgrades / Re: Changing the Webmail Layout
« on: September 13, 2014, 11:33:31 am »
This is what Outlook would refer to as the 'Reading Pane'

I am not able to see away of moving it from 'bottom' to 'right'

Maybe some GreaseMonkey CSS VooDoo could do it but it's way beyond my capabilities!

Hello MyKey,

I am just getting to grips with OpenChange in Zentyal and your observations that not all Outlook functionality is present at this time is correct.

Even in V4 there is not going to be 100% feature comparability and shared mailboxes/calendars will probably not be working.

I can't find a definitive list of features yet so if I have a customer for whom everything 'must work' I use Office365

Many of my customers are coming from POP3/IMAP and anything extra that they get (Active Sync) is a bonus :-)

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Installation Choices
« on: September 13, 2014, 11:26:19 am »
Yes, they are interdependent.

OpenChange needs Mail

Mail will work on it's own and give IMAP and POP3 

OpenChange sits 'on top' and gives MAPI and Outlook Anywhere

Unless you are desperate for right now I would start testing with the V4 beta releases with an aim of rolling out in October when it becomes the supported community release.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Horrible Forum
« on: September 12, 2014, 05:15:49 pm »
I hear what you say CN, however what is done is done and I really don't think there will be any going back.

I hope that no one is horribly broken, their currently working servers will work until they replace them with an alternative and all of the missing modules can be implemented in other OpenSource ways without too much difficulty, even I can do it and I'm no hot shot!

I am losing Linux installs to Windows Server Essentials and Office 365 every week because the features beat Linux hands down for small businesses and I am looking forward to presenting customers with Active Exchange and saying, there - job done properly with Open Source :-)

I have never been a fan of All-In-One solutions and even with Zentyal I am running separate virtual boxes for filesharing, vpn, proxy, webserver etc
The unix way?  do one thing and do it well.

One thing is for sure is that just posting about how bad the forum is will not help anyone to move forward.

Do you think there is hope?

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Horrible Forum - But on the mend
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:21:18 am »
Several of the Staff have posted here about Zentyal's change of focus from being yet another All-In-One solution to aiming to be the Premier (only?) drop-in replacement for Exchange Server.  It was never going to be easy and there has been some collateral damage en-route but look at what we have now, the ability to take over old Windows domains and Exchange Server - the opportunities are huge.

There is a very real determination to be the best and I would advise trying your post again, there are developers tasked with fixing OC problems as their No.1 priority.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: [Solved...] Z. 3.5 Nightmare
« on: September 11, 2014, 06:13:38 pm »
Hi Bogdan, I have some excellent help now - so I am *sure* that I will be OK on go-live day.

Having had a conversation with someone on the inside I am very impressed with the *IT MUST WORK* attitude and the dev team are working very hard to make the software as stable as possible for Out Of The Box rollouts like mine.

OK Casper, I am having a bit of a bad weekend here myself.

Multiple installs of 3.5.3 and I am not able to get it stable.

The only success I had was when I used a single interface and used the FQDN for internal domain and virtual mail domain.  Just one domain.

I am lucky to have some pretty smart help and I hope that they may look at my install tomorrow to see why it is crashing, I will post here if I find anything that can help.


News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: September 07, 2014, 05:48:50 pm »
All I want for Christmas is...   Working Openchange (and Active Sync)

I have joined the Zentyal community only recently having been quite happy to 'roll my own' services using standard Linux tools but the one thing I have not been able to provide is Exchange Server with contacts and calendars on mobile devices so, of course, I am VERY HAPPY INDEED with the roadmap.

I feel for the folks used to an all-in-one solution but I'm not so sure it really matters these days.  If you run your servers virtualised then then the customer doesn't care if you have one or 10, they only see one box.  So, run NUT on the hardware, run a separate Apache server, RADIUS server, the more you split these boxes the better, each VM has it's individual purpose.

I even run a separate Ubuntu file server, albeit joined to the domain, so I can reboot Zentyal without killing the shares :-)

Question:  To the folks who lament the removal of some of the modules: "What do your customers do for Contacts and Calendars on their devices?"

I really haven't seen a good replacement for OL and Exchange other than Zentyal yet.

So, I think that Zentyal is the only hope that small IT shops have to be able to compete with Office 365 and give customers the facilities they demand or expect these days.  The ONLY* bit that we really can't do any other way is Openchange so please Ignacio et al just get on and give us that :-)


PS - I am looking for help installing Z at customer sites and happy to pay if anyone here is able to assist... Staffordshire (UK)

* OK, not the ONLY way but manually setting up Samba4 and OC and ZPush is VERY scarey.

Well I am no expert but Samba 4 has to very tightly integrate DNS and LDAP so I suspect that only an expert would be contemplating moving the DNS.

Just because DNS is running on Zentyal no one is making you use it?

If you wish to have your PCs join the domain then you will need them pointing to the Zentyal DNS

Hi Rak,

There are several ways of skinning this cat.

The quickest way may be to use fetchmail on the Zentyal box to pull the emails from your ISP's server

The Web Interface has been taken away while Zentyal redesigns it's desktop but it is very simple to setup fetchmail at the command line.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Z. 3.5 Nightmare
« on: September 07, 2014, 05:05:56 pm »
Ctek, are you getting anywhere with it yet?

Either way I would love a phone conversation of it is at all possible.

I am desperately trying to get a working setup for a customer this week...

Simon 01538 303 900

If you have access to the old Outlook then 'export' the contacts as a .pst

In your new Outlook which is connected to Openchange 'import' the contacts from the .pst that you created

Does that work?

No.  Well, that's what it says here:

Seems fair, would take a lot more resources to maintain more versions.  Best that they are used to make the latest version better?

"The goal of the Zentyal Community Edition is to offer the best balance between innovation and product stability. Zentyal is therefore committed to providing all the necessary bugfixes and security patches. These, along with updates and bugfixes coming directly from Ubuntu repositories and latest Zentyal features will always be available for the latest Zentyal Community Edition. However Zentyal can only maintain one (the latest) Community Edition at a time to keep the development of new features ongoing."

Installation and Upgrades / Re: zentyal backup feature
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:49:57 pm »

I run Zentyal virtualised on Ubuntu 14.04 with KVM as an LVM partition then I can take a complete image of the Zentyal machine and use LVM snapshots while I test new upgrades etc.

I also use rsnapshot from the Ubuntu install to keep historical copies on different medium.

Hi Casper,

I have had a lot of problems testing with one interface, I suspect that historically the main use case for Zentyal was 2 interfaces.

To find out if it is the firewall causing your problems then try dropping it while you test...

 sudo /etc/init.d/zentyal firewall stop

Does that help?

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