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Directory and Authentication / LDAP settings
« on: December 02, 2015, 02:40:20 pm »
Dear all,
I have just installed my first Zentyal server, and I must say: a beautiful piece of work.
However, i want to use Zentyal as a Domain Controller in our network.
Our current DC is a Win2003 machine, with its user database under OU=Users,OU=Company,DC=domainname,DC=tld

However, when I install Zentyal, the base DN (Users and Computers>LDAP settings) is DC=domainname,DC=tld
and the Default users DN is CN=Users,DC=domainname,DC=tld

This means that I can not see or maintain my current users, since the OUs are not present.

So how do I change the DNs in the Zentyal server?
This is the Zentyal Development Edition 4.2, btw

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