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Directory and Authentication / Multi-Office
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:57:05 am »
Hi !

New to this community  :)

I need to install zentyal in 3 offices, maybe others in the future and I have some questions :

- I know I can use zentyal as PDC and DC, Do I need to turn one in PDC and the 2 other in DC ?
- How is working replication ? I know there are some limitations but I don't reaaly understand wich ?

- I think by reading the forum's posts that using PDC/DC folders and documents will not be syncronised on all servers ? How can I make syncronisation ? Is there automatics Backups ? Communications like SOGO app and mails servers can be replicated on 2 servers ?

Thanks For You're Help I Know it's a lot of questions, but I like Zentyal and I want to know if it can really replace WIN Serv' in my case  :-X :-X

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