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Adding a few screenshots of the new user interface :)!

Hi all,

We would like to invite everyone who is interested to attend the webinar "Migrate your customers’ IT infrastructure to Linux with Zentyal and Canonical" during which we will explain the recent partnership agreement signed between Zentyal and Canonical. The webinar will be held today, 26th of June, at 17:00 (CET). You can sign up here:


Hola todos,

Queremos invitar a todas las personas interesadas al webinario “Migra la infraestructura TIC de tus clientes a Linux con Zentyal y Canonical” durante el cual se explicará el reciente acuerdo firmado entre Zentyal y Canonical. El webinario tendrá lugar en español el 27 de junio, a las 17:00 horas (CET). Pueden realizar la inscripción a través del siguiente enlace:

Un saludo!

The Zentyal Community Council meets once a month (at 22:00 CET, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, in the #zentyal-council channel on the freenode). You can use this thread to propose a topic you would like to be discussed in the next ZCC meeting. Please note the following data and remember to be present in the meeting:

  • Who? (Forum nick)
  • What?
  • When? (ZCC date)

Hi all,

A number of Zentyal Team members are currently attending FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, and they have organized a BoF meeting for tomorrow, Sunday 5th of February. The meeting will start at 3 p.m. in the BoF rooms located in the AW Building of the ULB Campus Solbosch.

It would be great if you wanted to join the session!

Yes, the Summit was recorded and we will upload the videos to Zentyal's YouTube channel as soon as possible (we'll announce this through Twitter and Facebook so stay tuned).

In the meanwhile, if you are interested, you can check out the powerpoint presentations - Most of them are already available for download here.

Spanish / Re: Zentyal Summit 2011 (11-12 de noviembre, Zaragoza, España)
« on: November 07, 2011, 12:36:59 pm »
Buenas noticias: Si este año le resulta imposible acudir, pero está interesado en los contenidos del programa, podrá seguir el evento en tiempo real a través de:

Good news: we'll stream the event, so if you can't come to Zaragoza this year, you will still be able to attend on-line. Our channel is:

Hola todos,

¡Tenemos buenas noticias para los usuarios de Zentyal ubicados en Navarra! La Asociación de la Industria Navarra (AIN) ofrecerá un curso gratuito de Zentyal para desempleados y trabajadores de empresas que coticen en Navarra. Este curso presencial de 45 horas tendrá lugar del 7 al 24 de noviembre en Pamplona, ​​Navarra (España). Se llevará a cabo de lunes a jueves por la tarde y se dará en español por personal certificado de Zentyal.

Para los detalles e inscripción, rogamos visiten la página web de AIN.

¡Esperamos que muchos miembros del Foro puedan asistir al curso!

Just on a side note, there are many low-cost airlines that fly to Barcelona/Madrid and Zaragoza is very well connected by bus and train to both cities. Bus ticket (return) to Zaragoza from Barcelona/Madrid costs about 30€. You can find some additional travel information at the Zentyal Summit site

Hi! We've posted an announcement via Zentyal's Identica & Twitter accounts & created an event in Facebook to spread the word - We hope you'll get many participants & have a nice day!

You're doing great, keep up the good work! Currently the 15 most translated languages are:

Spanish: 99%
Portuguese (Brazil): 96%
Lithuanian: 90%
French: 88%
Italian: 84%
Portuguese (Portugal): 83%
Russian: 81%
Hungarian: 80%
Norwegian Bokmål: 73%
Catalan: 73%
German: 67%
Swedish: 67%
Polish: 64%
Chinese (Taiwan): 46%
Romanian: 39%

If some percentages have gone down, don't fee discouraged, this is simply because new strings have been added ;)!

Installation and Upgrades / Re: coupon not valid
« on: May 30, 2011, 10:00:51 am »
Hi robb,

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Security Updates add-on. I'm sorry for the trouble with the discount code - Just to check, are you sure you also had the Professional Server Subscription in your shopping cart when you tried to apply the discount?

Please note that in general the add-ons are only available if you have a Server Subscription (Professional or Enterprise) and in the newsletter it said "... we offer our Newsletter subscribers the Advanced Security Updates add-on with 75% discount when a Professional Server Subscription is purchased."

If the discount code still doesn't work, please let me know so that we can take another look. Best,


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Some Zentyal Disc Art
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:54:10 pm »
Hi sinc! Looks great, thanks for sharing this :)!!!

Spanish / Re: Zentyal en Madrid on Rails (14/12/2010)
« on: December 02, 2010, 02:10:21 pm »
Hola Marco! Gracias por su interés, es una pena que no pueda asistir. Nosotros también lo sentimos, pero no contamos con equipos para retrasmitir o grabar la presentación y/o los demos.

Un saludo,


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