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Well, I have to admit something that I did not realize.

I did resolve this problem, and I hope my trouble has helped everyone else if they run into this.

Something so stupid that it should have caused a problem but it did.

Here is the answer.

There is a ethernet cable that ran to a closet about 400 feet away.  Something that has been there for years. 

When I setup my zentyal server, I did not have that cable plugged in last year.  This year, I got a new switch.  As I stated above...

The switch has the cable that was running into the closet about 400 feet away hooked back up.

Now I have the answer.

There was an old wireless router with (buffalo tech) that has been re-activated.

This was causing the refusal.  For some reason windows xp would grab the information properly from the zentyal.  For some reason, the windows 7 were able to grab the ip from the zentyal, and then try to run the gateway on the buffalo router.

Causing the intermittent up and down.

Thank-you all for the help.  Sorry zentyal... it's not 3.0  -

3.0 is amazing!

Thanks again.

Merging the topic would probably be a good idea.  I was not sure if I phrased the question properly.

DHCP - I have defaults. I did not modify the settings at all.

The Zentyal server has webpages.  I can browse anywhere on the internet. No problem.

DNS - settings are left at default.

XP Machines do not seem to have the problem with browsing, pinging, or nslookup.

Windows 7 Machines - have a problem with browsing, it sometimes works, then it drops the connection, then we can ping, and we can use nslookup... when I run a lookup like, it says DNS server refuses to resolve. It then will resolve at a little later time.  Then the internet browsing does not work.

I entered in manually into the DNS of the tcp/ip 4, and sometimes the internet will work.  Then it drops out again.

I thought it was the switch, so I replaced the switch.  What I did not understand is that it was only doing this with windows 7 machines.

So what do I do next?  What can I check?

Charter Cable Modem - Cat5e to Server Port eth1 - Cat5e to Switch 24-Port 1Gb - Workstations

What I do not understand is that everything with XP seems perfectly fine.  But with Windows 7, we have this difficulty.

I do not know what to do next. 

At times, my gateway on the windows 7 machine says that it is the 24.x.x.x number instead of the for Gateway - which does not make any sense.

The computer with windows 7 - it is on the work network

The other computer with windows 7 is also on the work network

When I did a ipconfig /all sometimes it says and sometimes it says 24.x.x.x instead of the number.

What is crazy is that I am using the zentyal server right now on the windows xp machine to write this note.

SO I confused as to what the problem is with the windows 7 -

At times you can ping at other times when the network icon goes to ! yellow and i can still ping internal LAN server and workstations, but no internet.

At times it will ping and - but when I open a browser, I can not browse any webpages.

I completely formatted and re-installed one of the machines and continue to have the problem.

I don't know what else to check.

Hi - I have a Zentyal setup, and I need it to share my internet connection from my cable modem.

The computers I am using - Windows XP Pro x2, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit x3

The server configuration -

IBM Server, P4, 4GB DDR2 ECC, 500GB S-ATA HDD, DVD-RW, 2 NIC

One Charter Cable Modem for Business

I need to setup External WAN on ETH1
I need to setup Internet LAN on ETH0 -

I need to have it serve DHCP bank of address - -

I also need to setup a shared UTILITY folder for public client access (so everyone can access this folder)

I setup the following -

eth0 - static -
eth1 - DHCP - (it picks up my cable modem IP - 24.x.x.x)

It automatically sets up my gateway as charter.something.lan 24.x.x.x

It then sets up my DNS from my cable modem IP (using charter DNS servers)

I can get the IP addresses on my machines - I can ping the servers eth0 card just fine

I can ping the internet sometimes, but when I open web pages on the windows 7 machines,
there are no pages.  The icon in the lower right has a yellow ! in it.  Then a little while later
the yellow ! goes away, but I still can not get webpages.  I then decide it must be DNS, so I manually entered in - it seemed to work for a minute or so, then it dropped the connection again.

I go over to the windows xp machines, and they are working wonderfully.  No problems.

What am I doing wrong?

Just take into consideration that I don't know what to check.

Please assist!


Yes.  After I removed the 3.0, I was experiencing the same problem.  It really only occurs with windows 7 machines, and XP does not seem to have a problem.  I am figuring that I must have something misconfigured.  It is a consistent problem and do not know how to repair this problem.  I was using 2.0 - 2.2 for over one year with no problems.  3.0 caused this problem as far as I could tell.  So I formatted the server, installed the 2.2 version, and am now having the same problem as I did with 3.0.

At first I guessed it was just the machine, so I installed windows 7 pro 64-bit on another computer and experienced the same problem.

Basically this is how I setup the server.

eth0 -
eth1 - DHCP - external network is checked

I installed DHCP - setup the bank for -

I installed DNS - left at defaults

I setup the firewall as defaults

I can use the internet perfectly on the server.  I am able to logon to any web page.

The Windows XP machines do not seem to have the problem.  They detect the LAN / WAN and can ping beyond LAN such as,, etc.

The windows 7 machines do have internet for a moment, then they drop the internet, then they reconnect the internet.  It seems very intermittent... and unexplainable.

I installed a new SWITCH, 1Gb Lan card - the lan cards by the way are realtek 1Gb integrated, and then I installed a 1Gb PCI ethernet, which also was a realtek card.

So, I never had a problem before with 2.0 - 2.2, but then I installed 3.0 64-bit, and started experiencing this as a big problem.

So I am back to a little stinky router and do not have a file server operating and I am lost.

When I follow the regular installation, I do not experience any problems with Windows XP as far as I can tell.  But the Windows 7 machines are very confusing.

Sometimes I can put the DNS in manually and it seems to work for a bit.

What I don't understand is that I can ping the WAN most of the time, and then it drops the connection, and I can only access the LAN -

This is confirmed.

I installed it three times.  So either I am installing something incorrectly, or I am missing a step.

Then I reverted back to 2.2, and still have the problem.

I have 16 years experience with repair, and networking, and I am totally confused by this problem.

The following was replaced -

SERVER - NIC 1 and 2 with PCI nic
The server is P4 3.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HARD DRIVE, 2 Intel Nic

Client - NIC 1 is Realtek 1Gb, Nic2 (Nic1 was disabled during testing) Realtek PCI

Switch - 5 Port Switch Replaced with one in new box

Re-installed software- Fail on 7 64-bit version

Re-installed software - Fail on 7 this time with 32-bit version

Am I just crazy?  Does anyone know what is going on?  i need help!!!


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Remove from resolv.conf
« on: September 19, 2012, 05:00:13 pm »
I am having the same problem.  We do know that it has something to do with ARP cache, but I do not have any details on how to resolve the problem yet.  You are probably using windows 7 - let me know!


Hi everyone.  I have installed the new version of zentyal 3.0 64-bit edition.  Now, the same hardware, server etc, and I can get internal network with no problem, but when I ping the outside world, I get nothing.  The zentyal server works perfectly on the WAN and LAN, but the windows 7 machines sometimes will work on the internet, then it drops the internet, but the lan continues to function.  I have read about ARP problems.  Is there a workaround to setup the Zentyal eth0 / eth1 ports or fix the DNS to stop this problem?  Is this a bug with Windows or a bug with zentyal?  I did not have this problem with 2.2, but after going back to the software, it again did have this problem.

I am so confused, and so very sad.  I need someone to help with this!!!

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