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yes, my scenario is very simple.

1 server zentyal Domain, and a few XP client in this domain.

When I log into de domain, I can see the shared folders and only access to where I have permissions, but when I open the browser (configured to user the proxy and SSO enabled) it does not work.

I have only 3 rules, 1 users, 1 admins

When I disable SSO, when I open the navigator it ask me for an user / password and it works ok. but when I enable SSO, it does not work, it always shows me an error "access denied to cache"

so, if I see the log file I can see that there is no user name given, so I can assume the proxy does not know who is trying to access, so it denies everything.

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2012-10-30 09:22:50        -

hi there. I've have updated to 3.0.1 and the same results :( also added the problem to the ticket. And asked to re-open it.

Ok, I've read the ticket and is exactly what's happening.

I will keep an eye on it. Hope it gets solved soon.

Thanks !

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Username and password for PDC on Zentyal 3
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:23:14 am »
You have to create an user, an add it to the Domain Admins group. Then use this add machines to the domain.

That's all

Maybe you can help me understand how this is supposed to work, txsastre.

The proxy is not transparent. I don't have Samba installed so there is no domain. (And even if I did have Samba installed, I am testing 3.0 from a Windows 7 Starter netbook so could not join a domain anyway.)

I can authenticate fine (over and over, of course) and browse according the the access rules fine until I activate SSO. At that point I cannot authenticate at all, and that is the end of the road.

This seems to me not how it ought to work, but my ignorance could be the problem. :-[

Hi Sam.

Well my test is slightly different, because I've created an domain, so my windows XP machines are in it. So when they start and log in the domain, I thought that the SSO should "catch"  user and password credentials so when I open the navigator (firefox, iexplorer) my user should have access to where I set in the proxy configurations.  But it does not work, as I can see in the proxy log, there is no "user" only a "-" (and sometimes, nothing at all). And that's how I suppose the SSO should work, maybe I am wrong after all.

It only works if I disable the SSO option in the proxy, but, I have to write again user and password when the navigator opens.

By the way I think that if you use SSO and then try to connect with an machine or user that is not in the domain, I think that it should use the last rule in the proxy settings or maybe you can add a rule for "guests". But that's only my guess.

Hi there, I'm testing zentyal 3.0 final

I'm testing http-proxy, and everything I tried work fine, except the SSO, when I activate it, it does not work as it should, in fact it does not uses any ACL, only the "any" that is set to "deny", so they cannot navigate anywhere.

The client machines were Win XP, logged to the zentyal domain.

Do I need to install anything else on the server or client desktops ?

thank you.

News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 3.0 available!
« on: September 14, 2012, 08:39:10 am »
Congratulations !
I am downloading it for a fresh installation. Hope we can substitute our Win2003 with Zentyal 3.0

Installation and Upgrades / RC2 - http proxy problems
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:21:23 am »
As normal http-proxy (no ssl)

things that does not work as expected.

- domain categories.

After created a Filter profile and assigned to a group
I downloaded a list file and Denied specific set of categories, I've tested all the "automobile" categories, but when exploring the web with the correct user I can go to "ferrari, ducati, f1, motogp ..." I shouldn't be allowed an sometimes, it breaks it , does not work at all, and uses the "any-any" rule, that I have set to "deny" so I cannot go anywhere.

in the log i can see when this happens that the user row has the same IP that the machine I'm using, not the user.



It does not work at all. Well it does not ask for an user, but the browsers always says "access to cache denied", because it is using the any rule (set to deny).

in the log i can see than when using ssl, the user row does not have any users it has an '-' instead.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Proxy... problem filtering with groups ?
« on: September 03, 2012, 09:24:38 am »
ok. thank you. I'll be waiting for this, we need it for internet control.

Good work !

another test. I've been watching the proxy log, I think that I can say that definitely the problem is between users/groups and proxy, that it does not recognize them

Date    Host    User    URL    Bytes    Mime/type    Event
2012-08-31 13:18:15    0 -   Filtered

as we can see there are two IP, one is correct because is the host, the other should be the user name not the IP again. So I assume that the proxy does not reconize the user, because it should be a name, not an IP.

Hi there, still testing the 3.0 RC1.

In the proxy access rules I've created a very simple scenario 1 rule for 1 group (inside the group there are a few users).

The rule is "all time", "myGroup". "Allow All"

The PC (win XP) is correctly inside the zentyal-domain, but when I try to navigate (proxy correctly set) it shows to me an error. "access to cache denied" and I cannot navigate to anywhere.

But when I set the rules to "all time", "ANY". "Allow All" it works, but, obviously not filtering anything.

am I missing something ? or maybe its because its an RC version ?

Thanks !

[edit] a fer more tests. it seems that the groups does not afect the filters, so if the las rule to any is Allow all, so, everithing is working, but if is set to DENY, nobody can navigate.

So, the problem is focused on the relation between the groups and the proxy, seem that it does not recognize them.

Hi there, I have installed it in my house and it works perfect.

Maybe in the environment, where we develop and test products, its a little bit complex (3 LAN, 2 firewall), I will try to reinstall again on a easier/simple LAN, and try to use the KISS* methodology to make it work ;)

By the way I assume that there are DNS problems.

Thanks !

* keep it simple, stupid

Hi again. I like the new look of the zentyal server :)

I've installed the "office" module, and now I am trying to add a windows machine to this domain wich its name bios is "zentyal-domain"

when I set up the domain name in the XP machine it founds it, because an user and a password is asked to me, but when I write there it always says the same "error joining "ZENTYAL-DOMAIN" , unknown user o bad password"

I've created an user and it does not work, so I've notice that the check box "administrator rights" is missing (again), also I've tried with the user "Administrator" and not luck.

any clues about this problem ?

thank you !

I've spend a lot of time with this issue, I will wait to the next release, Hope the bug is solved

same problem here with an 2.3.2 installed from scratch  :(

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