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hi thanks.

I saw the upgrade the next day :)

Installation and Upgrades / Re: cant access shares on win xp
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:15:23 pm »

Hi there

I have expended all the morning with a little problem, I configured a zentyal server, and when trying to add to the domain (zentyal) an XP and a Debian machines (with PBIS Open 7.0 Linux) i get all the time "permission denied"

The problem was due I created and user who belonged to "domain Admins", and using those users I was unable to add the machines to the domain.

Solution : Using the built-in user "Administrator" I've been able to set both machines into the domain.

Before upgrading zentyal, I was able to add machines with any member of "domains Admin".

Please check it.

Luck! Please keep us posted!

Thanks !, gonna try first with an small office, 10 users more or less. :)

hi there. at last ! :)

I've changed the server proxy name to lowercase in the firefox proxy configuration, and now I works :)

really happy now !

going to test "categorized list" :)

so today begins my transition from W2003 AD, W2003 file server to zentyal solution, (plus proxy+content filtering server)  wish me luck !

Hi there.

after a few moths out, I tried again to use zentyal + sso + proxy, but once again without no luck.

scenario : 1 server zentyal (2 netcards) + windows XP desktops (using firefox 19)

everything works perfect, login into domain and accessing to shared folders, but when I try to set the rules to the proxy/dansguard it does not work with SSO activated.

my domain is incatest.lan, my server zentyal2013.incatest.lan, I've tried both in the firefox proxy configurations, but it give me the same error, that I am unable to navigate throw the proxy.

I assume that something is correctly working, because when I enable in the proxy the rule "allow everyone" it works, but when I disable it, it does not work (wich is correct). Seems that the group that the user belongs is not recognized.

When using only a group that is allowed to navigate, the proxy show me that it does not accept connections, the same as if I deny everyone. "cache access denied"

can anybody help me ?

yes, I used the default name instalation since I was doing tests with beta installations.

I think I haven't change it, because in beta it was the better option not to touch this things.

Should I do a new installation and set a better name ?

which can you suggest me ? :)

that's the name

Cristian : about adms group.

If created a lot of users and groups combinations, none of them works as expected.

Javier Amor
- the client specifies the proxy with its full qualified domain name, with IP it will not work

I didn't know that, I've changed it (zentyal-domain.lan) but still same problems.

hi there, just a word.

The solution PDC + SSO, is not working though the ticket said that it was a "configuration error" I reinstalled it from scratch and still does not work.

PDC Zentyal  -> Windows XP -> SSO Proxy Kerberos enabled (not work)

:o sure but why Windows DC ? can't you, e.g. authenticate against, as you wrote LDAP (no DC here) or even Kerberos server (again no DC here).
I really would like Zentyal to clarify their strategy here. Do they expect design to be Microsoft centric only (in such case authentication will be against DC emulation only) or is it something more flexible ?

nice question, but it was to be answered by Zentyal stuff :/


 have reviewed the code and I see that we made a mistake: we allow to have both checked kerberos authorization AND transparent mode.

They don't work together. Maybe it is your problem?.

In that case disable transparent mode in Zentyal. In the windows client log in within the domain, configure the browser to use the zentyal proxy and try again. If yo are using a linux client follow this instructions:

If you are not using transparent proxy and your have correctly logged in the domain, there can be a bug. We will review the process with the windows client shortly.

Thanks for review this feature, that's what I supposed that there was a bug there.

please keep us informed about this modification. I'm waiting for this working as expected to put a zentyal as a proxy on the production LAN and make a "lot of fun" to my users  ;D

Thank you

If you are not using transparent proxy and your have correctly logged in the domain, there can be a bug.

Does this mean that the proxy's SSO will not work if Zentyal is not a PDC?

I think so, you need something to authenticate the users (ldap, active directory...)

Installation and Upgrades / Re: SSO proxy, how does it works ?
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:58:39 pm »
ok, my fault

You can merge/delete it if you want.

but the question is still the same.

Installation and Upgrades / SSO proxy, how does it works ?
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:23:55 pm »
Hi there.

I've been testing a lot the proxy and I think that it should work, it does not work.

as I've explaided here,12010.msg52630.html#msg52630

domain samba, and machines XP properly configured, assigned groups to the proxy and enabled SSO in proxy.

Once the users are login in the domain, the proxy always deny me "access to object denied without permission". When I look the log, I can see that there is no user trying to access, only a "-" where it should be the user.

If I disable the SSO it asks me user and name and it works, and also I can see it in the log

Should it be working as I expecting, or maybe is not designed this way ?

Thank you.

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