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Hi again,

Sorry but I haven't done ebox-asterisk troubleshooting for a while and I'm a bit rusty.

.....[Feb 25 10:18:17] ERROR[3526]: codec_dahdi.c:616 find_transcoders: Failed to open /dev/dahdi/transcode: No such file or directory
Can you please post the output of
Code: [Select]
ls -l /dev/dahdi

Can you check the dahdi kernel modules are loaded and the device is created?

Let me quote the documentation:

The current supported methods are eBox Backup Storage (EU), eBox Backup Storage (US West Coast), FTP, SCP and File System. Note that depending on the method you select you will have to provide more or less information such as the remote host address or user and password. All methods except File System are used to access remote servers.

That means you can't select File system and having something like, if you select File system, only local paths like /mnt/backup are valid. If you want to store it in a remote host you have to use either SCP or FTP and the destination would be something like to store in the user's home or to store in /home/$user/foo


In the file system "backup destination" is missing on the GUI. This remains true with the rest of the backup method like SCP and FTP.

When you select "File system" the field "Host or destination" become the  place where you can type your local path.

As you read on the doc:

You can start a backup by running:

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/usr/share/ebox-ebackup/ebox-remote-ebackup --full

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Ebox trial going fine until now
« on: February 24, 2010, 05:24:01 pm »
It seems your machine is having some issues.

Could you tell us your hardware specs?

Please open a ticket on

This is something that should be documented

If you have NetworkManager and ebox-network at the same time the only thing you will get are issues.

If you please read the documentation you will figure out how to start a backup from console:

Spanish / Re: Problemas con VIA-EPIA
« on: February 23, 2010, 03:50:04 pm »
También puedes probar con un instalador de Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 usando el kernel generic a ver si con eso tienes menos problemas...

Is 1.4 proposed only source or is it another repo people who want to test should use.

It's another repo containing builds. 1.4-proposed will help us to test the features/bugfixes  that eventually get backported to 1.4.

I'm sorry we haven't documented this process yet. We will do it soon.

Hi guys,

What's happening here is that when a user or group is administrator, samba writes the file as root. And root has no set quota.

You have to use "administrator" user/groups whenever you have more than one user or group with write permissions.

The solution to this is supporting ACLs on the file system and in eBox when it creates the share. I already have a working version in my branch. I'm gonna create a package with these changes and  amini how-to.

Once you guys can test it we will upload the package to 1.4-proposed, and from there to 1.4.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Does IDS do anything?
« on: February 21, 2010, 03:31:33 pm »
At the moment there's no integration with the firewall. So that means its current use is being notified via alerts that something happened in your network.

You can test it installing nmap and running a port scan or a OS detection.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Backup
« on: February 19, 2010, 05:36:09 pm »
Weekly = Sunday
Monthly = Monday

The file that Javier told you to download and copy to your installation was meant to be used with 1.4, not 1.2. I marked that change as "to be backported to 1.2", however this will take a few days.

News and Announcements / New eBox 1.5 packages for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid
« on: February 16, 2010, 09:45:09 am »
Hi guys,

We are starting the development of our transition branch from Ubuntu Hardy to the next LTS release Ubuntu Lucid. We are glad to announce that we already have a few packages to test.

Please, follow this link for further information:

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