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Hello fellow eBox users!

The development team are still working hard in porting eBox to Ubuntu. The 0.11.99 release is going to be included in Ubuntu Hardy and now it is high time to test the beta packages prior final Ubuntu launching.

As previously, porting eBox to a new platform involves changes in all the modules, and while a lot of care has been taken in this process, you will probably
find some rough edges. That's why your help is so important to us. Your reports are our most valuable resource in our effort to gradually polish the platform, so be sure to report these issues.

Important Disclaimer

This is a beta version and it's not intended to be used in production systems. Please be advised that your system might end up in an unusable state.

Remember that eBox overwrites configuration for some network services, so it’s not recommended to have them previously configured (or their
configuration could be lost). Anyway, eBox will ask to overwrite any file you have been modified manually.

eBox is meant to be run in a dedicated machine.

List of available modules

  • libebox
  • ebox
  • ebox-ca
  • ebox-dhcp
  • ebox-dns
  • ebox-firewall
  • ebox-network
  • ebox-ntp
  • ebox-objects
  • ebox-openvpn
  • ebox-printers
  • ebox-samba
  • ebox-services
  • ebox-squid
  • ebox-usersandgroups

Pending modules

  • ebox-mail
  • ebox-mailfilter
  • ebox-soap
  • ebox-software
  • ebox-trafficshaping

How to install

As eBox packages are in Universe Ubuntu repository, the process is easier than Gutsy version. Get an Ubuntu Hardy server edition ISO [1] and installing as usual.

After that, install those eBox package you may need. If you want all of them, run this command:

Code: [Select]
$ sudo apt-get install ^ebox

Ignore every question done by eBox dependencies. ebox package asks you two question regarding to:
  • Password: Instead of setting ebox as default password, it will ask you to set a custom one
  • Administration port: to avoid issues with current Apache installed applications

Thanks to the Ubuntu developers who started the eBox packaging process for Ubuntu. It's been very useful to keep working from that point.


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This topic has been moved to Tips and Tricks since I think more suitable there. Thanks very much for your contribution!.

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