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News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: August 28, 2014, 01:27:45 pm »
well basically if they dont,

i would consider finding a programmer,  and setting up some kickstarter project to finance the development of an office server pluging for openmediavault,

as it stands they at least have a more robust way of storing and providing your data both via  cifs/smb  and  nfs.  as well as a more flexible way of managing and mounting data stores.

debian based as it is it wouldn't be impossible to add groupware and usermanagement.   paired with for example pfsence it somehow makes more sense these days.

News and Announcements / Re: Zentyal 4.0 Roadmap Published!
« on: August 26, 2014, 06:50:36 pm »
back for a bit because i can,

i think that with opting for the removal of certian aspecs zentyal might (or might not) grow towards a better solution to its goal,
but at the same time it breaks a lot of essential stuff going on...

the problem here lies with that zentyal is really a verry high level management interface, which for most novice sysadmins is a "good thing TM".

but there is and always has been a key issue...  zentyal for example wants to also do  dhcp  and other network stuf. where it shouldn't  dont mess with my  router/firwall/utm gateway servers...  by now we should ALL know that zentyal is decent at best if we look at lan / wan management.  even in small  (less than 10 workstations), setups  a dualcore xeon E4xxx  had issues routing my 100mbit wan connection, and  stuf like youtube online games or torrents would hogg the system down to... well     you really dont want to know...

so instead of droping the webserver (whitch should have been improved  (like i have said  about 200 times), rather than abandoned,  and NUT  which could also use some work (you really do want to use an  Uninteruptible power supply on your office server)

why not instead drop dhcpd  and the firewall module...   

take pfsence for example  has loads and loads and loads more features than zentyal could ever hope to get...   why not just  give a screen at the end of your setup wizzard,   telling people what settings to choose in there network management tool...  rather than doing it yourself poorly...

as for  removing webserver,  8 out of every 10 offices run custom software crap on thair windows servers,   either build in ms accees or vb or what not,  when migrating those offices to linux  requires them to also  change thos badd  build it in exel or access habbits,   what better way is there than to offer  of the shelve  wwwroots  where you can host any php app you can get (or build),  prefeably with some aditional tooling to supply them with  user / group authentication  or restriction etc.   

the default configs of sutch should probably be a default created   /srv/www/dns-name/  folder stucture,  with  a log folder, a httpdocs  root folder  and a  config file to override  apache.conf and php.ini  as well as aproprate  dns atributes for the domain. 

intergrating 3rd party aplications into your  user-managment / office email etc  infra structure is way more importand and a lot less trivial than managing a nework,  withc any  soho-router can already do just fine, if need be

if you want to commit zentyal an office server,  than make it one, that works, and abandon the right modules

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Zentyal + Zimbra + Briefcase
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:51:34 am »
@chris i think hes actually upside down,   as i understand (but correct me if im wrong) he wants zentyal to athenticate against   the zimbra  server not   zimbra against   zentyal...

if im right,  than my short answer is,  the fact that your even asking here in this forum tell me that you will never succeed unless you go to and pay top dollar (euro), for professional deployment advice.

the longer answer would ivolve me explaining   why this is sutch a bad-idea (TM) and why you shoul have migrated your ldap / user data to zentyal  and than  bind your groupware servers   

but really that would be a long and boaring story for you to read and even more so for me to write.. 
also if he feals up to the challenge  chris is mutch better at providing detail than i would ever be

Installation and Upgrades / Re: First time on zentyal
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:03:18 pm »
first of all ... check if you have installed the right components for things to work...

first things first:    you nead to have a working network connection,  preferably via a switch or maybe  what consumers call a  modem/router  or a router... 

connecting a pc directly to your zentyal   without any devices in between requires a special type of cable, called a straight cable but is not recomended...

than be sure that both devices are on the same network  (ip + subnet) ... read the  website for more info...

isn't it possible to apply a filter like   if sender  is NOT  anyone (*   deny the email,  it wouldn't be a perfect / watter proof solution  but in general it migh work if your host is blocking open releys its even better

wow, there is just 1 solution to fix almost ALL of your problems,   well actually  there are 2.

1:  read the  friggin manual,
2:  pay someone who did and have him/her   install the box for you...

all that you are asking is in the manual and in previous posts in this forum... if you nead a more basic help guide than maybe THIS BOOK would be a good option for you...

i dont mean to be harsh but from the questions you have been asking and the way that you are, its clear to me that your not really into the knowledge of maintaining a system like this, buying the book will really help you understand more of it and so it would help you ask better questions.

Portuguese / Re: IPV6
« on: May 26, 2013, 11:02:19 pm »
zentyal is not (yet) supporting ip6 and it will not do so for at least  18 months (zentyal 4.0 based on  ubuntu 14.04) and even than it its not certain that by that version  they had enought resources to complete this task (or even begin with it).

for the time being you wil have to use some sort of  Network Adress Translation (by example with  pfsence)
please not that ip6 has some reserved blockspace for this 

im sorry  for the english reply  but i gues that it is better than a google translation  to your language

new dc new  PID - this is just not possible, and even worse   if your domain is configured correctly  you would also have to  chown (or windows equivilent)  all the data to the new user   this is not a zentyal thing  but by design how  domains  work,   

hopfully zentyal will never fix this because it would be a huge security violation...

than ask at ddwrt maybe they have some defaults that are  fubar.

also just  do all the usual networking checks   like portscan  dns trace  and the works...

and if all else fails  disable all the router features in ddwrt  configure it as a single vlan switch and than use all static ip's  and try again...

agree with chris,   i can only say that is bad pratice TM  to remotely mount  a filesystem only to re-share it again...

if you set up your  shares correctly  on your  nas than you can  just add a suser to a given usergroup to grant him permission...

on the nas just create share called accounting  than  grand access to all users from domain group accounting and if you want to give access to a new user  just add him to that group...  simple as pie

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Multi level share access rights
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:38:20 pm »
acl can be set on 'shares'  and on filesystem atribs (IF) the system mounts with acl support...  the thing you need to look at  is setting the acl for these sub folders  via cli...   

where you   set   real  + list  the master folder   and read / write   the child folders it you want this.. be sure to grand minimal right to the master and  than add per 'sub' folder aditional atributes its a little tricky
but can (or should be able to) work...

sub folder acl in the zentyal GUI is verry unlikely  unleas a filemanager  is added for witch there is no 'clear'  sign yet  - so keep expacting a 'custom'  approach.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Multi level share access rights
« on: May 24, 2013, 10:17:41 am »
setfacl  is the command (cli) that your looking for

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Webapp Chat addon
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:25:45 pm »
you where right first time, you should post this on zarafa forum as zentyal is using thair stock version without modifications, 

at the risk of  having to ask to split this debate of from topic .....

split mailserver design doesn't mean that  you should seperate mail from the gateway...

in your case chris,  eatch of these locations would have thair own  gateway (i presume)  meening that they could all have a mailserver running on thair respective gateways....   the question here could be   where you want your email stored,    but than we are talking about   MTA / MDA   seperation  i guess,   if you want to continue down this road it would be logical  to   store you mail in the same space where other data (from fileserver / domainc controller  etc) lives    and you would move your mail transfer  as well as mail filtering  to your  gateway...

i never had this with 3.0 really,  meaning somehow with this new installer  there is no session manager installed like gdm or lightdm  or simular...    this sounds good because   x should not be started by default, and infact it should only run as user not as service.... 

making it perfect default behaviour,   what worried me more is  that when logging off from  GUI   you are promted to a logged-on  terminal prompt 

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