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After following some online resources, especially I added 

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ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
I also deleted and then recreated my user making copy of the Administrator account. I can again create GPOs on the system.

Zentyal 7, using RSAT to create some new GPOs.

I was able to create some GPOs few weeks ago. Today I'm presented with "There is not enough space on the disk". I can delete old GPOs, but not make a new ones.

/var/lib/samba/sysvol/domain.local/ has over 30% disk free (10GB)

Any ideas how to resolve this?

I managed to find that it's not the lack of space but permission of my user. If I use the Administrator (main domain user) GPOs can be created, if I use my user (who is a member of Domain Admins) I get "not enough space".


Thank you for the reassuring.

I really would like to see Zentyal come back to live.

Gesforeda Sl. (extinguida) - I'm no Spanish speaker but that means.. Terms and conditions need upadting  ;) :-X

I'm really interested with the state of Zentyal development. We see little to no activity in this forum, no moderation and some SPAM sneaking in.
[EDIT] SPAM just got cleared - so there is some moderation [/EDIT]

The Zentyal Github hasn't been updated for over 11 months. Issues are not even acknowledged with last Admin note from Jan this year.

What is going on, is Zentyal dying!?

I've been testing Zenytal for couple months now (with the idea that once proved suitable I'll make my bosses to pay for the commercial version). If there's no sign of life in the project, is it worth even looking at it?

Zentyal is an ideal solution, easy to install and configure, Debian based, with clear and simple menu. No other competitor suit me like Zentyal, but I'm concerned about the longevity of the project.
Will we see any updates, is there future in Zentyal?


I see this has been resolved but I have some questions.

I was looking at the Samba4 vfs with acl_xattr here:

This says that the acl_xattr should be already enabled on a DC and then it's NOT to be applied to individual shares. Did you find any issues when activating the acl_xattr?

does this mean that Zentyal doesn't have this enabled by default as suggested in Samba4 docs?

Can't check this here (don't ask) but I guess for the website it is a Let's Encrypt cert with auto renew with cert bot.

I'm more interested with the securing of your Zentyal configuration. Would you care to create a separate post and explain what and how did you try to improve?

Hi jsebme,

I'm confused by what you call internal and external..

to me this is what you have:

Internal --> Zentyal --> external --> ISP router

DHCP with gateway --> Zentyal --> with a gateway of

If that's the case than it is right. Your internal DHCP, served by Zentyal, will have the gateway in the only known network .99.1. Any of the devices connected to that network will use Zentyal to access the other side and Internet. Your ISP will see traffic flowing from and won't be able to distinguish how many clients are "hiding" behind.

Hi Zentyal users,

I'd like to know if anyone tried to use (bring back) some of the retired Zentyal functionality?
I'm interested with modules like HA, printers (possibly NUT-server and asterisk).

Before I waste any time trying to make sense of those modules I'd appreciate your comments and experience.

@Zentyal - why oh why did you kill the HA module. It is something that's really vital in now days network.
I'd like to setup a resilient network with AD for accounts, RADIUS for wifi authentication, secondary DC for fallback. Without HA it isn't feasible as DHCP can only be hosted on one machine. Surely, working HA would be a great sales pitch for Zentyal Commercial.

Other modules / IPtables inospoof fnospoof
« on: March 16, 2022, 05:24:32 pm »

Does anyone know what are:
Chain inospoof
Chain fnospoof

They are seriously messing up my connections to other devices on the network. All packets are dropped although there are accept rules on UI firewall.

Other modules / Re: How to steer traffic to a specific gateway?
« on: March 16, 2022, 02:43:54 pm »
Yet another reply to myself.

The above solution does work, somewhat... If I ping whichever IP from a client it is (mostly) redirected. But if I try "ip route" on Zentyal command line  or ping from there then the IP can't be resolved.

Directory and Authentication / Re: Secure zentyal ports
« on: March 16, 2022, 01:58:16 pm »

That's fairly simple to achieve:

Just make sure you use the right section, so you block access to the Zentyal and not between networks.

If you need more ports (not mentioned on the current list) go to Network -> Services and add what you need (Name, protocol, ports)
Then you can use that service in firewall selection list.


Other modules / Re: How to steer traffic to a specific gateway?
« on: March 15, 2022, 03:03:56 pm »
Scrap that question  ;D

It is covered in the docs but it wasn't obvious to me.


Create object for the internal VLAN.
Network -> Object -> Add new -> Internal VLANs
in members add all of your VLANs eg.:

With that go to Gateways -> Balance Traffic -> Multigateway rules and Add New

Any, Any, Internal VLANs, all, gw-eth0

add, save and enjoy  8)

Other modules / [SOLVED] How to steer traffic to a specific gateway?
« on: March 15, 2022, 02:41:38 pm »
In my scenario, Zentyal 7.0.4 has two gateways.

eth0 VLAN10 connected to my L3 switch (IP addressing and DHCP from Zentyal)
eth1 VLAN11 connected to interent gateway/firewall (firewall is the DHCP server)

eth0 - (not default, weight 1)
eth1 - (default, weight 10)

My L3 switch has number of other VLANs eg.

VLAN3 another domain (not connected to Zentyal)

Now, If I try to ping, Zentyal sends all traffic to eth1 - with "no route to host"
The L3 switch would send the packet to the right place and it also knows how to forward traffic back VLAN11.

Can anyone tell me how to setup traffic forwarding so that certain IP's are pushed to eth0 and not the default. This is something I can't figure out and documentation doesn't cover this.

Hi nockdown,

I think I've seen something similar, try to check if your database has updated successfully. If I remember correctly my problem was caused by a configuration file confirmation on database update.

If you do command line update you get "would you like to update/retain/clean your config file" kind of prompt.

hope that helps,


I was testing Zential domain module, adding users and joining machines. All went smoothly until I wanted to remove a computer from the domain.
The "bin" icon was disabled an I couldn't find a way to kick out this computer. I even went to external applications "admin-tools" from here (hxxps:// but that was no help. It looked as if I didn't have the rights to do that change.
Any ideas how to disjoin a machine in this situation?


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