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Creo que mi respuesta en esta direccíon web puede ayudar:

Saludos cordiales.

French / Re: Impossible d'installer zntyal Firewall
« on: September 30, 2019, 09:40:36 pm »
I came across the same error when trying to install the zentyal-firewall package on Zentyal 6.0.1. To ignore this error and be able to install the zentyal-firewall package, after the package presents the error in the configuration phase, edit the /usr/share/perl5/EBox/ file and comment out lines 104 and 105 below and save the file:

#$self->setInternalService('zentyal_webadmin', 'accept');
#$self->setInternalService('ssh', 'accept');

After that, run on terminal:
# dpkg --configure zentyal-firewall

and the package setup should work.


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