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Directory and Authentication / Login Script - Still Does NOT WORK
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:26:05 am »
I have searched and gone through every post regarding the login script. Many which were never answered.

I am using the Community Edition, 6.0.1.
Workstation is attached to Domain, running Win7 (as a test box, I'll move to Win10 when this works)

Nothing I can do makes a login script work. I simple have:
      net use f: \\NAS01\Sharename
      net use G: \\ZentyalServerName\Sharename
NAS01 is a ReadyNas attached to the Domain/Zentyal. All accounts/groups can be seen with the ReadyNAS

The login script does not map either drive. The Zentyal Share or the NAS share.
As stated numerous times across the web, I can map drives manually via a command on Windows.
I have created in the /scripts folder
Both have the same mapping commands as listed above.

I have read that you simply drop in the file - Don't work.
I have read about editing the smb.conf - added logon.bat, and tried login.bat - Does not work.

I have installed the Windows Admin Tools and configured the test user for logon.bat, and then tested login.bat - Don't work.
I have connected to the /scripts folder and created a new file from Windows, with the commands, saving it as a BAT (not a txt).
I have connected via SSH and just sudo nano login.bat and created a brand new file (for logon and login).

As you can see I have exhausted almost every option here.
Not a single post on the internet says HOW they got this working, most NEVER got it working.

Any idea how I can make a login script run?
It would seem this is core functionality with Zentyal and it should be expected to work.

I am far from a novice here and it seems I have exhausted all the available google knowledge.

Anyone have any ideas?

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