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I have two machines with zentyal 6.2 and I have the offer on the web gui to upgrade to zentyal 7.0, however the process gets stuck on preparing. On both machines I have zentyal core 6.2.3, on web gui there is 6.2.8 suggestion (it redirects to doc page), but I cannot update it even via command line.
Any idea?
Thank you

You have to upgrade to 6.2.8 before attempting to upgrade to 7.0. Make sure you have a backup or snapshot before attempting an upgrade.

Right, but I cannot do it. I was able to upgrade up to 6.2.4 as you can see

Had the same issue. Check if it is related to Expired APT (GPG) Key (webmaster's msg)

We try to upgrade from 6.2.9. As Daniel Joven suggested we run the script itself to upgrade the system by executing the command:
Code: [Select]
sudo bash -x /usr/share/zentyal/release-upgrade
Could not upload an execution output here; download link
Noticeable errors start line 4842, then at line 5015

/var/log/mysql/error.log -


I've looked for a solution/answer for several days, but I did not find it (maybe I looked badly ...).

Domain: Zentyal 6.0.1 DE (all updates available from the web console are installed)
Client: Windows Server 2016, Server 2012R2, Server 2008

AD Container 1: TEST_OU_01 (OU = TEST_OU_01, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD Container 2: TEST_OU_02 (OU = TEST_OU_02, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD Group 1: TEST_GROUP_01 (CN = TEST_GROUP_01, OU = TEST_OU_01, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD User 1: TEST_USER_01 (non-Admin) (CN = TEST_USER_01, OU = TEST_OU_01, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD User 2: TEST_USER_02 (non-Admin) (CN = TEST_USER_02, OU = TEST_OU_01, DC = zentyal, DC = local)

AD Group 2: TEST_GROUP_02 (CN = TEST_GROUP_02, OU = TEST_OU_02, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD User 3: TEST_USER_AA (non-Admin) (CN = TEST_USER_AA, OU = TEST_OU_02, DC = zentyal, DC = local)
AD User 4: TEST_USER_BB (non-Admin) (CN = TEST_USER_BB, OU = TEST_OU_02, DC = zentyal, DC = local)

ADSI configuration
- Removed "Everyone" and "Authenticated Users"
- TEST_GROUP_01 Allow (Read), Deny (All other)

- Removed "Everyone" and "Authenticated Users"
- TEST_GROUP_02 Allow (Read), Deny (All other)

When TEST_USER_01 connects to a Client PC and runs "AD Users and Computers", he can't see TEST_OU_02 and it's content.
But when TEST_USER_01 runs cmd and executes the command:
Code: [Select]
net group / domain
User can see all groups (TEST_GROUP_01 and TEST_GROUP_02)

Code: [Select]
net group / domain
User can see all users (TEST_USER_01-02, TEST_USER_AA-BB)

When I performe these actions in a valid MS domain, the user TEST_USER_01 does not have access to the TEST_OU_02 and its content (neither via RSAT, nor net, nor dsquery, etc.).

Desired result
Allow (or deny) certain users access to specific OUs.

Russian / Запрет доступа к объектам AD
« on: April 18, 2019, 02:52:00 pm »
Добрый день,

Несколько дней искал решение\ответ, но так и не нашел (может плохо искал...).

Домен: Zentyal 6.0.1 DE (установлены все обновления доступные из веб консоли)
Клиент: Windows Server 2016, Server 2008

Пользователь:test01 (non-Admin)     (CN=TEST USER 01,CN=Users,DC=zentyal,DC=local)

1. На контейнер Groups1 (в котором находиться группа TES) высталяю Deny Full control.
2. Подключаюсь пользователем test01, запускаю cmd и выполняю комманду:
Code: [Select]
net group /domain3. В резуьтате получаю список всех груп включая TES, доступа к которой у пользователя test01 уже нету.

Выполнив данные действия в действующем MS доменне, доступа к группе TES пользователь test01 не имеет (ни через RSAT, ни net, ни dsquery и т.д.).

Желаемый результат
Разрешить (или запретить) доступ определенным пользователям к определенным OU.

Deny Full control - "влоб" потому, что перебор правельных настроек недавал результата, впрочем как и этот...

UPD1: На Server 2008 та же ситуация.

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