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How these above is worked, I cant understand.

I find the script and find the samba config also its doesn't reflected into my hidden share. :( 

The above Answer doesn't reflect correctly. Please give clearly.

Hi, Please see the below image. 
Am already remove the admin group.   ;D
but its showing the group share as hidden/read-only.
how to remove the read only group .

Advice me.    :-[

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Changing the Zentyal logo
« on: January 02, 2016, 01:30:23 pm »
Open Web browser, (Press F12 or Developer mode)

1.Find the code and Drop and select the image location or Filename.png

2. install locate in your server,
    Search the first file name, and find the location replace.  8) Be cool

3.If cant find and my refer  hire a Freelancer Like me.  ;D 


Take a regular pack up. Just Restore and update 1. LDAP 2.php5, 3.apt-get install lamp-server^,

Dear All,

We still could not access to account mangement when we try we get like this
FATAL: Could not connect to samba LDAP server: connect: Connection refused
Please check the attachment for us.

Thank you!
Thy Ly

Installation and Upgrades / backup restore in updated 4.2 .
« on: December 28, 2015, 02:15:01 pm »
am update 4.2, How to update backup from old 4.18 to 4.2  ?  , I have old 4.1.8 zip local backup file.

1. How to update 4.1.8 file into 4.2.

2. otherwise . How to restore manually ?

3. Incase any manual upgrade options ??
    Eg, Samba.bak restore into samba.config

Urgent Urgent Urgent ....

Thank u friend  ;D

1.You should check the location of Log. /var/log/zentyal.

2. LDAP. Make the local backup. If any issue of LDAP restore that old good conf file.

3. Samba status /etc/init.d/smbd status . if you get any error tell and also after check /etc/init.d/zentyal samba status

We get soon


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