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Thanks jbahillo

I've try this, and this is mysql's response

| ''@'localhost'  | def                        | USAGE                  | NO                    |

And now? somebody as an idea? I think I must add users in this database, right?

I'm always looking for a solution with PHPMYADMIN and MYSQL permissions... Somebody have a trick?

Thanks in advance

I'm working on the last issue, the 3.0-2, on a VMware (and it work pretty cool alone and with Nagios)

(I prefere english, learning it ^_^)

I try to explain more of the situation

A friend proposed to install Nagios on a Zentyal, to try if we can remove a machine on the network (have less)

And the problem is Mysql who won't to be managed with phpmyadmin, but in a Shell it's ok.

Mysql is needed to make communications between Nagios and Centreon, if not, we can't have a friendly interface, and some Network Managers don't understand how works Nagios (not stupid, but they won't try to understand numbers)

After all, if we can virtualize Nagios on Zentyal, and access on mysql in this way, why not


(sorry for my bad english, french and italian are better for me)

i try to explain my problems

First, I've installed phpMyAdmin with "apt-get", looking for the webmaster password (asked installing phpMyAdmin with apt-get) on file "/var/lib/zentyal/conf/zentyal-mysql.passwd" and modified  /etc/apache2/apache2.conf to add "Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf" at the bottom of the configuration file.
Second point, restart the apache server like that: "/etc/init-d/apache2 restart"

try to enter on phpMyAdmin on http://localhost/phpmyadmin and ok, it's seem to work.

Now, I've tryed all users and all passwords in my Zentyal to enter in phpMyAdmin and I have always this result "#1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server"

I've tryed in SSH to enter on MYSql, and all users are granted to use MYSQL but not ROOT. tryed this with command "mysql -u user -p" (user like users on my system).

Now, I would like to understand why root cannot enter in mysql, why users can access in SSH on mysql and not by phpMyAdmin

Thanks a lot for the answers

P.S.: I'm trying to install Nagios, Centreon and Cacti on my Zentyal, and I need MYSQL to make a coherent communication between the packages, otherwise need to make all handmade and it is not so simple

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