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I have a ubuntu server 10.04

I'm trying to install zentyal for the purpose of setting up a proxy server. I did an install through terminal with sudo apt-get install zentyal

It prompted me for a port. I used the default.

I tried to log into zentyal using my https://myipaddress. It's asking for a username and password. I'm reading everywhere that the install should have prompted me for a username and password. It did not.

Terminal reports that the user ebox was created. I changed the pass with passwd ebox. Tried logging in with that. It did not work. Tried Zentyal Zentyal too.

I tried to setup just squid on my server, but I spent hours going nowhere. I read somewhere that zentyal made this setup brainless, so I'm trying out zentyal. Guess my mind is working below brainless; I haven't slept for over a day.

P.S. The captcha for this website is terrible. I had to refresh a dozen times to get a readable combination of letters.

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