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I suggest you open a new thread about it....

I don't think this bug is talking about long boot time.

Confirming too - fixed here.
Great work on handling it so fast.

I did a fresh install and selected the regular office configuration.
after setup finished I made some users and tested some shares and rebooted.
Then I encountered th problem.
BTW I'm running on virtual box but I did test the 2.0 the same way and didn't have any problem.

How do I list the list the services to copy here?

What else do you need to pinpoint the problem?
Would access via TeamViewer help.
I can set it up and send credentials via email.

Happens to me all the time.
Attaching log but I can't find anything in it.
One more thing - upon restart the file sharing does not work too.
After I manually start the dashboard I have to click start from the dashboard to get the file sharing service to work.

OK finally solved it.
I installed Zentyal 2.2RC2 and encountered this bug:,7763.0.html
which I hope will be fixed soon.
But I also found in /etc/zentyal/users.conf

# default mode for home directory (umask mode)
dir_umask = 0077

Change it to
# default mode for home directory (umask mode)
dir_umask = 0022

and restart zentyal
Thanks it

Yes same here.
restarting everything using
service zentyal start didn't help.
Only sudo /etc/init.d/zentyal apache restart did the trick
I can't believe that this bug hasn't been fixed yet....

After doing a little digging I found that I can create a share for the /home folder.
Now all the users can see other directories but can really go into them.
The reason for that is that each user is created with 700 permissions for its own directory.
Changing them manually to 755 does the trick but I'm looking for a way that users that are created will be created this way.
Anybody knows if I can run a script automatically that does this?

I have recently install Zentyal 2.0 and began to configure it for our file server needs.
Every user can access his folder from his machine and group folder work fine.
My question is if its possible to give other users in the group the right to read all the folders of other users in the group?
If so how do you do it?

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