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Hi everyone.  I have installed the new version of zentyal 3.0 64-bit edition.  Now, the same hardware, server etc, and I can get internal network with no problem, but when I ping the outside world, I get nothing.  The zentyal server works perfectly on the WAN and LAN, but the windows 7 machines sometimes will work on the internet, then it drops the internet, but the lan continues to function.  I have read about ARP problems.  Is there a workaround to setup the Zentyal eth0 / eth1 ports or fix the DNS to stop this problem?  Is this a bug with Windows or a bug with zentyal?  I did not have this problem with 2.2, but after going back to the software, it again did have this problem.

I am so confused, and so very sad.  I need someone to help with this!!!

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