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Installation and Upgrades / Samba and managing ACL
« on: October 04, 2013, 05:18:41 pm »

I see on Zentyal 3.2 this change:
Ignore system ACLs for samba shares, use libsamba-perl library instead.

Are system level ACLs not supported at all now? Is there some new method to micromanage permissions? The Zentyal gui does not appear capable of micromanaging sub directory permissions.

I see there is still in /etc/zentyal/samba.conf
unmanaged_acls = yes
To me, this implies it's OK to set the ACLs manually and in 3.0 this worked fine.

I might suggest adding this ACL change to the release notes. This could really cause disruption for someone upgrading from 3.0 and unaware.

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