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Two zentyal instances, one is having the fetchmail (external email retrieval) enabled, after update to 7.0 I can not edit the users on the DC without fetchmail enabled. In the zentyal log there are messages like this:
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DEBUG> EBox::Mail::FetchmailLdap::checkEmailProtocol - Unknown mail protocol: Ä.µ Ý.íÒ.×ÅRüÞ.?ÐúTþG.BÁ´R'¹²÷].b..²òö;6£Ñék(@®.EÜBÌã.Ä.Ë$ܱ<÷Ñ7R.v.v"Òî..ë at Unknown mail protocol: Ä.µ Ý.íÒ.×ÅRüÞ.?ÐúTþG.BÁ´R'¹²÷].b..²òö;6£Ñék(@®.EÜ
BÌã.Ä.Ë$ܱ<÷Ñ7R.v.v"Òî..ë at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/Mail/ line 591
If I enable fetchmail also on this DC then the generated zentyal-fetchmail.rc is full of garbage. This seems like somehow the attributes for fetchmail are not synced properly?!

Directory and Authentication / Avoid samba binding to a vlan interfaces
« on: December 09, 2020, 10:57:26 am »
I've Zentyal 6 and I created a two vlans in the interfaces, however samba not binds to their IPs and is trying to use the for replays for requests that came on a primary IP. The best would be to avoid this. Is the
 External (WAN) Check this if you are using Zentyal as a gateway and this interface is connected to your Internet router.

the way to achieve the samba to not to bind to those vlan IPs?


Other modules / How to sort the users in web UI?
« on: October 05, 2019, 02:55:10 pm »
Is there a way to show the users sorted according login user name or anything else in the Samba/Tree/Manage (i.e. Users and Computers) web UI? Is seems it is by defaul sorted according to Display name which is kidna weired and there is no obvious way how to change it.

Installation and Upgrades / Interval for sending a service alert
« on: February 27, 2015, 03:03:56 pm »
Is it somewhere possible to set an interval in which is Zentyal checking the events and sending alerts? Mainly checking its own services as it seems it checks it every minute, generating an email every minute when something is wrong. This merely causes s DoS on mailbox...

For Zentyal 3.5 I used LiLi to "unpack" the ISO to USB and then "well known" workaround with mount of iso copied on the USB to "mimic" the cdrom.

For 4.0 this does not work and I did not found whatn the installer is looking for that it is refusing to mount cdrom.

Is there any other way to make the bootable USB for the installation that works?

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