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Installation and Upgrades / Upgrade Zentyal 3.5 to 4 - modules vanish
« on: October 19, 2017, 09:14:21 pm »

I'm trying to upgrade from Zentyal 3.5 to 4 just as a first step in bringing a server up to speed, the upgrade process completes but removes all my modules (and without a gateway but I can resolve that part). I lose openchange / samba etc and just return to a basic vanilla box. I have snapshot capability so can recover the 3.5 server but can't fathom what's causing the problem.

I have the upgrade logs (attached) - can anyone help spot what's happening? Any help would be really appreciated.

Installation and Upgrades / Upgraded - and all modules vanished
« on: July 09, 2016, 06:33:36 pm »
I took a Zentyal server through an upgrade this afternoon - from 3.5 -> 4.0 -> 4.1.9.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that after 4.1.9, I had no modules installed and had potentially lost everything - but with no error messages during upgrade. Mailserver - gone. Openchange - gone. Samba 4 domain control - gone. All these were there at the 4.0 stage.

Lucky for me, the install was on a Nutanix system so I managed to restore from a snapshot and get back to 3.5.

I repeated the process and got the same result.

Is this a known issue? Without the snapshot, this would have been a real problem for me.

Hi Folks,

I have a Zentyal server providing DNS services to multiple networks (routed on another device). In order to do this - I've had to add the subnets in to the trusted ACL in /etc/bind/named.conf.local

That works but every time the server gets rebooted, I lose the subnets and have to add them to the conf file all over again.

Is there a proper way of administering DNS on Znetyal to allow and manage trust to multiple networks on a more permanent basis?

After running without major issue on 3.2 for some time, I upgraded my Zentyal server (running openchange & Z-Push) to 3.5. What I didn't realiise before I deleted the pre upgrade snapshot was that my active sync contacts had ceased to work for all connected devices. To make the situation worse, the associated errors relating to failed contact sync caused around 3 GB of logs to be generated across apache2 / z-push and sogo directories per day.

I've also found stability to be particularly poor in this release - yet held back any further upgrade due to reluctance to lose features.

Eventually - the stability issues were enough to push me in to trying 4.0, although I kept the associated server snapshot this time. And I'm glad I did because that upgrade seems to have invalidated the SSL cert that the devices use for active sync and I lost connectivity for all devices entirely.

I've rolled back to 3.5 for now but would be very keen to hear from anyone that is running Openchange with Activesync (Windows Phone and Apple clients) that has managed to make the jump to 4.0 and keep active sync working.

Installation and Upgrades / Openchange - Outlook 2011 MAC ?
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:44:17 pm »
Hi Folks,

Is Outlook 2011 for Mac supported with Openchange? If so - any configuration advice?

I'm attempting to connect to Openchange on on Zentyal 3.5

Installation and Upgrades / 3.5 AD User / Computer Sync
« on: May 22, 2014, 12:37:19 am »
I've set up 2 x Zentyal 3.5 servers - one as PDC and once as a secondary DC.
Although I can set them up - I'm not seeing users & computers synchronising between the PDC and secondary DC (from PDC to secondary DC).

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Installation and Upgrades / Openchange on non PDC ?
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:50:57 pm »
I set up a couple of 3.4 servers with the plan for one to run the PDC on a management server network and the other to run internet facing services in a DMZ - set up as a secondary DC purely underpin Openchange.

Then I'm advised:

Your setup is not supported by Zentyal right now. You need either, have a MS Exchange installed already or provision OpenChange on the Samba server that manages the Active Directory schema. This server is not able to manage the schema, and thus cannot modify it to apply the required changes by OpenChange.

Fair enough - but do we know if this is planned to change? i.e. - Openchange running on non PDC? Perhaps there are ways to work around this?

[EDIT] - BTW, I appreciate that this is my first post and I've gone straight for the 'I want feature X' approach - but truth be told, I'm really impressed Zentyal. Great job.

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