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Greetings all,
I have had a slightly complex/odd network setup for a while now and am wondering whether it is in any part causing some of the issues I have seen getting Samba4 to run on the Zentyal 3.x box.

Historically we had a simple setup ADSL Router->Switch->All PC's and Zentyal 2.2 connected to the switch with the router providing DHCP and gateway services (Zentyal IP and DNS locked in the router settings). The PC's are simply using a standard windows workgroup and Zentyal provides email via Zarafa and a selection of file shares. This essentially works as planned, the only issue being that Windows 7 machines do not seem to want to automatically connect to their mapped network drives.
More recently we had to add a second network to serve a client who now uses our building and infrastructure. To do this I connected our existing network switch to a Port based VLAN on our router and connected the client switch to another VLAN so they can share ADSL connection. The router provides IP's via DHCP to each VLAN and they each have their own distinct subnet.
On the client network I installed a server running Zentyal 3.? with Openchange that I setup and never used and a number of file shares. I connected the 2nd Lan port on this server to our VLAN so that I can access and administer it from my machine on our network. This seemed to work once a few teething problems sorted themselves out but updates or small configuration tweaks frequently caused errors when saving changes and on several occasions render Samba unable to start.

So questions:
Is Samba 4 getting upset or confused because BOTH of the LAN's it is connected to are internal networks and there are no "external" ones?
Is there a more optimal network arrangement that gets me the same result?

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