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I have 4 ios devices. 2 IPhone 4 and 2 IPad2 .

I have configured both of them for active-sync with ssl over 443 with package sogo-activesync.

I also tried z-push without success, because all tries results in "can not authenticecate to server" "can´t connect as user ..." although i entered (instead of only username like sogo-activesync)

With sogo-activesync the first login is working, mails are syncing but after a few hours i run into trubble:
  • in SOGo i see all incomming mails, but the ios ones are not showing all of the day !?!
  • a sync try for one week will break every sync on any device exept SOGo, when the amount of mailstore for one user is big (for 1 week around 450mb). when i reduce sync time to 1 day sync is working for a while
  • my testuser with around 130 mails has lost from one day to the other everything (like beginning with a blank user store)
  • shared calender entries appearing like the want. From Sogo entered i see them, when i trie this on ios with the right calender they are nowhere to see.
  • very anoying, when setting up active sync in ios, and i choose a wrong username, the first test from setup will give me an ok (green marks everywhere) but when attemping to open mail i see password failure. Of cause the wrong user! Seems to be ios related?
Am i the only one with such trouble?

I noticed in 2 installations a difference in certificates for autodiscovery.

My older [3.5] test setup has a cert autodiscovery. I startet it from beta stage.
My newest installation has many troubles with outlook 2010.
the setup guide like
is not working, because outlook will not configure himself like it should. The user is joined to domain. I needed to manually configure the exchange outlook profile. When i do this, outlook 2010 connects to exchange, but can´t download and sync anything (although i accept the warnings and the user sing´s in every outlook start). Testing autodiscovery from outlook fails.
I think this is the reason for a nonfunctional outlook.

Why is the cert missing?
how can i create it by myselve? like every other cert? Something i need to know? 

in my installation i have the problem, that from one user all mails are lost. the hole user account is empty after loggin in on SOGo. I don´t know what has happend to cause this error.
 i have backup of them (export from sogo) and a backup from proxmoxve.

But i would like to examine what has happend, because this should never be again. Its a big desaster because we still have not the possibility only to restore and backup the mail storage.

I tried to look through the logs, but i see too many errors, i think something has happend to mysql database but i have no knowledge of it.

I have other problems too, maybe they all belong together:
All problems on an single nic system without working rpc (because of no external nic)

I have never seen something more unstable. I need some advice for finding the problem. What shall i controll and look for?

In my configuration 3.5 i notice still many problems in active-sync (sogo-activesync).

I have installed on 2 IPAD2 and 2 IPhone 4  2 zentyal accounts over activesync togther and i get many mails with photos in it. they are often bigger than 20mb! With outlook 2010 and imap i have no problems with receving and sending. for the last 4 weeks i have a user mail account of 450MB. My old .pst is about 35GB and this should be imported later on (should be possible with 4.0)

With zentyal it seems that bigger accounts are unable to sync with mobile devices. Because in SOGo i see all mails, but on Apple i only get some of them! Thats not funny!

In outlook 2010 its impossible to sync anything of this user. Only nearly empty user accounts are syncing fine for a handful mails.

Installation and Upgrades / DiskIO always around 80kbit, is that normal?
« on: September 18, 2014, 02:06:47 pm »
What does zentyal write all the time to disk? Only 2 User are active and 5 mobile devices with active sync.
Is this normal?

here i want to show interested users, how we can get a maybe better solution for missing functions of zentyal.
To me, i am an IT supporter and i build BTO system by my own for years for privat, buisiness and sometimes server solutions.

In my case i am not happy of removing backup, Gateway function is poor and generally i love VM´s  ;D

We need a system which is fully supported for Virtual Machines and nice to have VT-D for pci passtrough, 2 nic adapters, 8Gb Ram, 2 internal SSD´s, external SATA Hdd in HotSwap bay.

My components:
  • Asrock H87mpro4
  • Intel Core i5-4440
  • Sychte Mugen 4 (fan is used as outlet fan and not on cooler himselve)
  • Seasonic G360 80+ Gold Power Supply
  • Kingston HyperX green 1,35V Kit 8GB 1600Mhz (KHX1600C9D3LK2/8GX)
  • IcyBox IB-2216Sts 2,5" SATA HotSwap
  • Intel 530series 120GB as System
  • Intel 530series 480GB as Data
  • 2,5" Backup HDD Hitachi HTS541010A9E680
  • Intel Gigabit CT Desktop NIC PCIe (internal lan)
This System consumes around 21W on idle.

  • Host installed with ProxmoxVE (testing for newer systems and the 3.10 kernel for better network and pci passtrough support)
  • IPFire als Gateway and Firewall router
  • zentyal 3.5/4.0
  • bacula (not yet in use)
This System is now in use and working fine (exept zentyal and all known problems  ;) ). Here are some explanations for my setup:
Why ProxmoxVE:
  • WebIF + Spice + HA + KVM
  • Really easy backups with sheduller
  • for testing purposes are snapshots a great advantage
Why IPFire:
  • Easy to use
  • Download accelerator and better proxy like zentyal
  • a really good content filter with automatic updates
  • port forwarding with selected external ip´s (less need for vpn)
  • logging
to be continued ... (to the mods, if this is not the right place for this tutorial please move to a better place)

I ´am irritated from reading this tutorial for 4.0 which should be identically for 3.x

I have learned that when i set up an exchange server i need to have an internal Host domain name and an external mail domain name.
Host domain name: mydomain.local
Virtual mail domain:

In this tutorial both are identical. Is this today normal? I am comming from sbs2003 ...

Do i get problems when choosing different names?

I am not sure if this is the right way, but i need to give another user access to my mail inbox. I tried to ways in SOGo, delegation and user rights for the mail folder.
Both ways are not seen inside SOGo from the other user. No idea how to access it, because the buttons under the folders for adding other accounts / resources like in calender / contact are missing.

Has anyone tried to use delegation and/or user rights for mail folders?

I noticed with my fresh 3.5 installation, that the server himselve is not shown in the Windows 7 computers list. I can manually access over browser bar all shares, but the Server himselve should also be seen.

I notice that the nmbd service is not startet. This seems to be responsible for that problem.

What am i doing wrong? I enabled serverstorage userprofile and moved my windows dokument files to my own folder on the server. i also activated offline sync in windows. 
For me i can access my files, but other users can´t see my home folder in samba shares.
I thought i can configure my sharing rights in Zentyal / Shares, but the home folders of the users doesn´t appear here. Why is this so?
I need to access the other home folders!


I am wondering how to collect mails with 3.5, therefore the user corner has been removed (dropped) and this also affect external mail collection.

So where do i configure now my pop3 or imap account for collecting all my existing and new incomming mails from external account (which is the same like my user p.e.
Momentally i can only send mails.

The documentation is wrong, here exists all this functionallity !


since my first try of installing with the new dailys build i can´t get a working installation. Every time the first setup assistant crashes when configuring webserver.
I reduced the selected packages to only openchange ans openchange-webmailer and all it dependencies, but i got the same error of webserver.

I use i single nic setup als local lan.
It seems that the bugtracker doesen´t send a message

Does someone else have the same problem?

I don´t find it in zentyal.log

Code: [Select]
administrator@zentyal-serv:~$ dpkg -l zentyal*
Gewünscht=Unbekannt/Installieren/R=Entfernen/P=Vollständig Löschen/Halten
| Status=Nicht/Installiert/Config/U=Entpackt/halb konFiguriert/
         Halb installiert/Trigger erWartet/Trigger anhängig
|/ Fehler?=(kein)/R=Neuinstallation notwendig (Status, Fehler: GROSS=schlecht)
||/ Name                                          Version                     Architektur                 Beschreibung
ii  zentyal                                       3.5~2                       all                         Zentyal - Core metapackage
ii  zentyal-ca                                    3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Certification Authority
ii  zentyal-common                                3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Common Library
ii  zentyal-core                                  3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Core
ii  zentyal-dns                                   3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - DNS Service
ii  zentyal-firewall                              3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Firewall
ii  zentyal-mail                                  3.5~100                     all                         Zentyal - Mail Service
ii  zentyal-monitor                               3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Monitor
ii  zentyal-network                               3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Network Configuration
ii  zentyal-ntp                                   3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - NTP Service
ii  zentyal-objects                               3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Network Objects
ii  zentyal-openchange                            3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - OpenChange Server
ii  zentyal-openvpn                               3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - VPN Service
ii  zentyal-remoteservices                        3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Cloud Client
ii  zentyal-samba                                 3.5~100                     all                         Zentyal - Users, Computers and File Sharing
ii  zentyal-services                              3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Network Services
ii  zentyal-software                              3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Software Management
ii  zentyal-sogo                                  3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - OpenChange Web Mail
un  zentyal-users                                 <keine>                     <keine>                     (keine Beschreibung vorhanden)
ii  zentyal-webserver                             3.5~99                      all                         Zentyal - Web Server

Hi there,
one improvement of 3.5 should be a fully working activesync. Thats the development plan  8) and i hope it really  :)

Actually after several hours this night (11.05):
  • package z-push is not avaiable (not yet or will it not be published any more?)
  • openchange is working with webmailer
  • sogo-activesync is installable without any error, but on zentyal settings the checkbox for activating it is missing!
So momentally its totally broken...
Can somebody agree this?

And i would advise to update the package. it´s outdated from 27.03. There are several bugfixes missing:

i am unable to install 3.5 from dailys iso in an 12.04 KVM VM. I always have an partition error, because the setup will install an lvm which fails. No reason why and i can´t choose a normal partition btw manually partition the VM.

Is someone else having these problem with VM´s ?

Edit: although there is a working solution, the automated setup still fails by lvm creation

Edit2: with the actual daily builds it works.

I have been trying zentyal 3.4 since weeks, and also in beta stage. I am an absolutly new user of zentyal and tried 3.3 only some weeks.

I think the step forward to openchange and a fully free exchange and dc btw. sbs replacement is a good way but still far away of being stable enough for productive usage. But anyway i like it much  ;)

Now we can discuss about the sense of opensource and how good or bugfree it should be when a new major version is being released, but in most other projects i have never seen a release with so many bugs or missing major functions. In my mind the release date was really much to early. And the main missing thing is still in work, activesync is now released, but still not fully working.
For a major function today of a SBE replacement not a good point  :o

Never mind, the bugtracker is heavily used now after release time (i am unhappy about only a hand full of tester in beta stage), so i have the hope that the main problems will be solved in the next weeks.

But one thing is never discussed here, the point of how many network adaptors are needed.

For sure you can install it with one nic, but in this case you will have several not working parts, like :
- no ipsec server possible
- outlook everywhere is not possible, although you enable the nic as external interface. But when you do that, you need to modify the firewall, because otherwise you have no access to zentyal anymore, except from the server himself.
- most mail filter needs to have an external nic?

In my case i can´t use it yet as the main DNS and DHCP Server, because it´s still in testing and learning, if i switch zentyal between my cablemodem and router everytime i have zentyal broken or down i have no internet for the rest of my clients.

So if my understanding is right, the best advise is to use two nics together, isn´t it?

And i wish, that the zentyal team will give us for the next releases more informations about missing features or known problems or limitations.

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