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I have a case where an application installer looks for an application server by hostname only. When the installer is created on the server, the hostname is written to the installer automatically. When the installer looks for the server, it looks for http://hostname/, which fails when run remotely (across a Zentyal VPN connection).

I can make things work on the target Windows machines using the hosts file. Is there a way to accomplish the task within Zentyal?

Since I see no forum topics or bug tickets on the problem I'm having (I apologize if I missed something), I'm probably doing something wrong. When I try to create a traffic shaping rule the system errors with a message that tells me I can't modify the interface of a rule, that I need to create a new rule for the interface. Since there are no existing rules, I don't know what triggers the error.


Installation and Upgrades / Removing display settings
« on: November 25, 2013, 04:42:12 pm »

I tried to figure this out but have missed the right process. Zentyal remembers display settings for the local desktop and that can cause some inconvenience if attached monitors are changed. Is there a way to reset Zentyal's display memory so that it will recognize and configure to a new monitor?

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