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Title: Exchange services behind reverse proxy
Post by: fearhq on April 22, 2016, 03:31:54 pm
Hey guys,

I'm currently trying to deploy the email groupware services in our infrastructure. The only issue is we are currently limited to a single public IP address, which is fronted by an nginx reverse proxy.
I have been following a guide designed for Microsoft Exchange, detailing how to run the services behind nginx (http://blog.adamjoshuasmith.com/deploying-exchange-2016-behind-nginx-free/ (http://blog.adamjoshuasmith.com/deploying-exchange-2016-behind-nginx-free/))
I've hit a wall at the moment, as it seems that the exchange service requires NTLM authentication, which doesn't work behind nginx (unless I have nginx plus)
Even if I add
Code: [Select]
more_set_headers -s 401 'WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="mydomain.lan"';
the service still requests NTLM auth and seems to ignore Basic auth. In my example, the domain is mydomain.lan, email addresses are mydomain.com and the zentyal domain is pdc.mydomain.com
Has anyone had any success doing what I'm doing?