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Title: File sharing permission (file system path)
Post by: alecaru on December 14, 2015, 03:28:05 pm
I set up the Zentyal on a "small" hdd (80GB) and due to future backup and recovery needs I decided to add a 2TB hard disk, mount it on a folder (/mnt/files) then share under this path (configuring "file system path") my shares.
It all seems to work, apart I can't access that shares from windows, the Zentyal samba permission, although I put it through zentyal interface, are not enough.
If I use "directory under zentyal" it all seems to work.
I'm wondering which are the chmod permissions I have to set on the hdd folders to be accessed by samba/windows as I can't find this info nowhere.
At the moment the owner is administrator and the group is adm and both have got rwx permissions.

Thank you.