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Installation and Upgrades / General VLan Question
« on: August 08, 2011, 09:21:40 pm »
I have a question about the VLan functions of Zentyal or Vlans in general.

I know that if you setup an interface using 802.1q trunk you can create Vlans for which you can than assign different DHCP subnets.  I know in order for this to work you also need a switch that supports this VLan feature. This way you can assign different ports to use a specific subnet.

My question is about the VLans you can create after you set one of the interfaces to static.  Once you assign a static address to an interface (eth0) you can create a vlan under it (eth0:v1 for instance) with a different address.  How do these work?  What is the purpose of this and how can you get your clients to connect to the different subnet address?
Is this basically the same as 802.1q trunking???

Installation and Upgrades / Beta 2.2 - New Issue need help
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:01:25 pm »
This is my story

I was creating a new virtual interface under my eth0 (virtual1) and when I tried to save I got the following error (module 'network' declared, but it has no classname). 

Right before this I created a virtual machine with the new VM dashboard utility, but I am not sure that has anything to do with it.

Now my bandwith monitor, DHCP and IDS modules have stopped working.  It seems everything tied directly to (eth0 -internal interface).

I don't know what to do in order to fix this or even where to start..... if someone knows please help !!!!
I have started a new ticket - #3088

thank you !!!!

I am trying to log into the VM with realVNC viewer from my client machine (windows7).

When I connect it asks me for a password, but I have never set one up.  Is there a default password????

Installation and Upgrades / PPTP Dashboard - user not showing up
« on: July 27, 2011, 06:51:50 pm »
I am trying to connect through the built in PPTP VPN in my android phone.  The phone establishes connection, but on the Zentyal dashboard it still says no users are connected under the "PPTP Connected Users"

Also on a seperate note -- I can't seem to access the dashboard page through the android phone , it never loads (was the same way with previous version of Zentyal).... Is it just not possible on a simple phone to load the dashboard??

Installation and Upgrades / Beta 2.2 Windows7 connection
« on: July 27, 2011, 03:02:30 pm »
I installed the latest 2.2 beta release last night.

So far I have tested the captive portal and with the standard base settings it works correctly (thank you .... I was looking for a module like this)

However I can not connect the my newly created domain for file sharing.  I created a domain names "home.lan" turned on roaming profiles.  Created several users with admin rights.... basically I don't think I am doing anything different than on my regular Zentyal system (which has the domain name of "home")(that system is turned off currently). 
When I try to connect to the new domain.... I get to the input username and password screen.  I put in my admin user and password, but after a minute or two it tells me that it can't connect because either the user or password are not recognized.
my client computer running windows7 has no issues connecting to my regular servers domain.  I have the fixes installed for Samba/windows7 connection.
Has anyone had success connecting to the domain of the Beta system????

Hello !!!

I have been trying out the latest Beta of Zentyal.  So far my impression is that the web dashboard seems to work faster which is great. 

I can't seem to connect to my server using PPTP.  I am trying to connect through my androids built in client.  Has anyone tried using the new PPTP module??

Second I can't seem to start the captive portal module.  I can open the module and set options, but when I go to the menu to actually activate the module it fails.  It fails after the drop down menu for dependencies (LDAP )... I click ok and it just shoots me over to a white page saying that it has failed.
Anybody got this moduel to work???

Installation and Upgrades / Virtualizing the Server
« on: July 15, 2011, 03:03:53 pm »
I am looking into virtualize different components of my test Zetnyal server (beta 2.1 version).  However I am not sure which functions I should virtualize.
I know that creating a VM web-server that host content for the outside world is a good idea for security.  I would assume making your file server virtual will also be a good idea.
However I do not know if I should split up other server functions.

When I look at Zentyal I see that it is split up into 5 categories.  Gateway, UTM, infrastructure, file server, communications server.  Should I install one of them on the physical machine and virtualize the rest or only virtualize some of them?
What do you guys think???

Installation and Upgrades / Beta 2.1
« on: July 13, 2011, 04:38:26 pm »
Has anyone tried the virtual machine console in the latest Beta release?

I have mine working when I am at home on the host machine, but if I try to use the console from a remote location it times out and does not connect.

Does anyone have any ideas????

Installation and Upgrades / Backup Recovery
« on: June 29, 2011, 02:52:29 pm »
Hello everyone !!

I have a home test server which is setup the following way.
The main zentyal operating system including /home directory and all modules are installed on a 160gig drive.

I also have a software raid6 (mounted under /mnt/raid6) consisting of 7 X 2TB drives.  The raid array has media files and lots of other data.

I have the backup module working and have set the backup to local file system.  The path is /mnt/raid6/backup. The system backups the files properly to the raid array from what I can tell.

My problem is that now I would like to move the OS part of the server onto 2 X 500 gig drives in software raid1 for better drive failure protection.

I have read the documentation on how to fully recover from a disaster using duplicity, but in the example it does not show how to recover from a local file system when their is no operating system.  Is it even possible to migrate the OS to the raid1 array using the backup data?  I would like not to loose any of the my settings, users, ftp, samba, etc......

Thank you !!!!

I know port forwarding has been talked about in the forms and I have read a lot of the posts, but I still for some reason can not get the Utorrent to start downloading.

I have external interface ETH1 with IP - X
I have internal interface ETH0 with IP -
I have a windows 7 client with an IP -

I also have the proxy setup up to authenticate and allow.... the standard port 3128.

In utorrent I have selected to use port 4350.

I have created a new service.... Utorrent....TCP/UDP...... port 4350
I have added the service at this point to every rule section under the firewall.

I have created port redirect like this.

interface: ETH1
Original destination: Zentyal
Original destination port: 4350
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Source: Any
Destination IP:

Can anyone help me with this??
I am not sure what I am doing wrong !!!

Installation and Upgrades / raid 6 resync
« on: June 08, 2011, 01:13:41 am »

I recently created a raid6 from 7 2TB drives.  Now the array is doing a resync, but it is going very slowly.  I found through simple google searches on how to make it go faster, but nothing has worked.  Most places tell you to use these commands, but they do not change anything.

 echo 200000 > /proc/sys/dev/raid/speed_limit_max
 echo 200000 > /proc/sys/dev/raid/speed_limit_min

On three discs I previously had a raid5 array.  Could this be what is effecting my current build.  I had to reboot be system during my first attempt at the new raid config. At that point the raid failed..... it showed up as Md0 and also as md_d0...... I have since tried to do all the fixed that I found and it seems to be building the new array correctly, but just very slowly.

Thank you for any help !!!

Hello !!!  I am having an issue with port forwarding on my personal home server.  I am fairly new to this so most likely my problem is just my lack of knowledge.

My server is a stand alone headless box which operates at the gateway, file server, email server and proxy server for my network.  The server has two network cards.  One going out to the world and the other going to the internal network.

I have installed a program called subsonic on the server.  This program requires connection through port 4040 (or whatever I set it to).
I can connect to the web application of this program from LAN with no issues, but not from outside my network.
I know the reason for this is because the port is blocked, but I can't seem to figure out how to open it.
I can get access to the interface if under .... Firwall>packet filtering> connection from external network to zental..... I set accept any connection.
This however is not acceptable since it basically shuts down my firewall.

I have tried to set the connection through port forwarding, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Could someone please guide me step by step on what I should do.

Thank You !!!!!

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