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Installation and Upgrades / Data Streaming... Skype....Netflix
« on: February 17, 2012, 03:04:58 pm »
My system is both a business server and a home server (my business is at home).  I have 50Mb download and 3MB upload.

I use Skype for business and some personal.

My family watches netflix either using XBMC or the Playstation3.

I am constantly having issues with streaming and connection.  In Skype (I have set a dedicated port) it always shows poor upload connection.  For netflix I always have trouble with having poor streaming or some times now able to connect at all.  The playstation3 always times out when trying to connect to the playstation network.

I have tried each one of these systems individually with no one else on the network.  I have also tried using the traffic shaping module and I still get the same results.  However if I bypass Zentyal and just go directly to the internet I don't have any issues.  This leads me to believe that zentyal is causing the issues. 

The only thing that is throwing a wrench in this is that any regular download or torrent download goes at full speed with now issues.  Also speedtest shows the correct speed statistics.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to diagnose what could possibly be causing my streaming issues..... Maybe it is a antivirus thing????  Any suggestions would be great !!!!  Also if anyone is using these services with no issues it would be nice to know as well (this way I do know they work hahaha)

Thank you !!!

Installation and Upgrades / -Need Help - Flush-9:6 is using 100% of CPU
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:43:23 pm »
I received a notification that my server load was about 6 (normally it is between 1 and 3). 

I was able to VPN in and open up SSH (At this point everything seemed to be working correctly)

I ran the top command and noticed that (flush-9:6) was using up 100% of the cpu.  This has caused the system load has been to climb steadily for the last hour.  I also ran IOSTAT and noticed a high usage on all of my disks (well higher than normal). 

As I was investigating the load climbed to about 8...... I tried to do a sudo kill (PID# of the Flush process).... however nothing happened. (All it did was raise the load a bit more)
Finally I tried to shut down any VM that were on and reboot the system (I got the message that the system is going down for reboot).  However it has not.  The only thing it has done is not allow me to log back into SSH or Zentyal GUI.  My OpenVPN connection still connects, the Subsonic music server is still working but no zentyal or SSH or Samba shares.

I don't know what exactly this Flush-9:6 is from and why it started all of a sudden.  The server has been on for about 6 days straight with no issues.

I am remote and won't be physically at the machine for many hours.  I am at a loss and don't know what to do...

Does anyone know what this process is exactly, What could have caused it or perhaps even a suggestion of what to do???

Should I have someone just manually shut down the server??  Should I just wait and perhaps the system will get through the Flush process????

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

Last night  I was saving changes in the zentyal gui (I was actually at the server not remote).

At the same time one of my users was logging in to their windows 7 machine ..... roaming profiles (not sure if this had anything to do with what happened next)

All of a sudden I saw the CPU utilization go up to 100% on all 6 cores.  Maybe about 10 to 20 seconds something in the machine all of a sudden flashed and the hole thing restarted.

Now I can smell a burning or burnt smell......  So I know that something hardware related failed....

The system does turn back on .... gets past the Bios screen ..... goes into the screen where I can select the kernel (2.6.32-38 or whatever) and then all of a sudden spits out the attached screen shot.  I am trying to figure out if the problem is motherboard, cpu, ram or something else so I can replace it.

Also depending on what it is.... I need to know once it is replaced will I be able to boot the system normally or will I have to disaster recover.

- if it is just the CPU .... will simply putting in a new one allow the system to boot ???

- How would you recover if you install a new motherboard ???

I can overnight parts, but I need to figure out what to get and how to recover once I change out the part.

Thank you !!!

Also I guess I am not sure why the system would fail like this.  I have loaded up plenty of other system... I can see them hitting their thermal limit and shutting down... but failing like that ..... not expected.

In the last 7 days I have had my server loose its identity from the zentyal cloud DynDns services.

What I mean is that the name I have using zentyal dns service ....... no longer resolves to my IP     

I have a regual DynDns account and that one does still work.

Unfortunately I only use the zentyal provided one ...... it is the address for not only my server, but also for my email system.   I am not sure why all of a sudden it stop resolving my IP and even after resetting the zentyal DynDns module I can not get it to work.   
The first time this happened it restarted after about an hour.... however this time around it is not resetting.

If one of the zentyal staff members (or forum members) knows whats going on or what I should do to fix this it would be most appreciated.  I need this resolved because right now I am kind of dead in the water .... no emails and no VPN function for outside users.

Installation and Upgrades / Traffic shapping slowing down LAN
« on: January 19, 2012, 05:14:24 pm »
my server runs as the gateway.  I have one external interface and one internal interface.

My internal interface is using Vlan option and is connected to a VLAN switch.  I have 5 Vlans running, all with their own DHCP and domain.

One of the Vlan is my DMZ in which I have several virtual servers running (use Virtualbox). 

I have been trying to get the traffic shaping module working properly.  I understand that the server is shaping traffic as its exiting the system.

I ran the following test.  For Vlan 2 (this is for my administrator computer) I configured traffic shaping for samba. (I gave it priority two..... I have a gigabit network).  I then tried copying a 2 gigabyte file from the physical server and also tried to copy the same file from one of the virtual server running on Vlan 4(no traffic shaping on that Vlan)

my results:
- from the physical server the file transferred at normal speed
- from the virtual server it completely chocked down my transfer speed.... basically was about 1mb/s

As soon as I turn of the traffic shaping module everything works fine.

Any ideas why this is happening???  Does the traffic module work with VLan???   

I have my zentyal server running as my gateway with pretty much all modules enabled.

I am having issues with my client computers inside my lan running skype.

When ever I try to make a video call the connection is very slow and some times I even get disconnected. (tell me that I am transmitting video poorly)

My connection speed is 10mb down and 1mb up (not the greatest, but definitely fast enough for skype)

I am trying to figure out what could cause me to have low bandwidth when I am using skype....
I don't seem to have any problems when running other programs..... and I am using a dedicated port for skype in order to bypass my proxy server.

I do not have any rules in the traffic shaping modules for any service..... every time I put rules in it seems to slow down my entire network (any thoughts on this problem).

During skype video calls I do not have any other traffic on my network (All other client machines are off and transmission is turned off on the server).

What do you all think I should be looking at??  Have you guys had any connection problems when using skype to make video chats???

Installation and Upgrades / [Resolved] trac module changes
« on: January 10, 2012, 03:07:48 pm »
I am trying to find how I can see what the changes are to new module updates are.

For instance yesterday a new version of the http proxy module came through.... I think it went to version 2.2.4 now, but how can I find out what the change actually did???

Installation and Upgrades / AD Block.... configuration??
« on: January 09, 2012, 03:25:38 pm »
Good Day !!!

I need some help understanding the new AD block option under the proxy module.

I have encountered the following issue:  I have a system inside my lan which runs XBMC.  XBMC uses for scrapping TV show information, thumbnails and fan art.

Unfortunately with the AD Block enabled I can not longer see the thumbnails, posters and fan art fro the website. 

My questions is two parts:

1) how does the AD Block work.... basically how does it decide which content to block???

2) Is there anyway to add a custom configuration so it does not block content from a particular site??????

Thank you !!!!!

Installation and Upgrades / Server Backup and Fail over discussion
« on: December 16, 2011, 09:11:34 pm »
I have seen some discussions on here for different ways of backing up the server and restoring it in case of a hardware failure:

I would like to start a topic that consolidates some of these discussions into one.  Perhaps people on here who know a lot about network setup could explain to noobs like myself on how to properly setup a small server environment. 
I understand there are multiple options for this and depending on if someone is installing Zentyal as a VM or on the host system directly things will be different.

I propose we stick with a standard direct Zentyal installation on the host (not running as a VM).  Probably a typical small office installation in which the system has several hard-disks and most all the modules enabled. 

Most people know that they can run a raid array and protect themselves from disk failure.  Also performing a backup of the system will help them restore either certain files or perhaps the entire system.

However I would like this topic to revolve around how would you set up Zentyal if you are looking for minimal down time and restoration time. 

Is it possible to setup two server with one an exact mirror of the that if lets say the motherboard fails on one or something else which shuts off one system.... the second automatically takes over.  Some small businesses can except a day or two of network down time while some network hardware gets replaced, but some business need services back up and running almost instantly.  Especially if the server is also the gateway to the outside world... no server = no internet :(

So is it possible to setup zentyal in a small office environment to be completely redundant..... do you need a SAN's to make this happen or just another identical server or what??????

Installation and Upgrades / Network Shaping - Help
« on: December 13, 2011, 05:22:19 pm »
I am trying to get a better understanding of network shaping.

For example I have the following services.  I have server running in my DMZ which is a web-server plus I also run transmission on it to download torrent files.

On my zentyal server itself (runs as the gateway, samba, VPN mail and proxy server and subsonic)

I have several different subnets for my clients .... depending on whether they are guests, local machines or wireless. The client machines are used for general web-browsing, accessing the zarafa web-mail, file sharing and also using SKYPE.

Finally I have several VPN clients that use the samba file sharing service.

All clients use the FTP service.

I am trying to figure out how to shape the traffic properly.

For instance I would like to make any torrent downloads to be the last priority of the system.  Would I set a rule for the external and internal interface???  How will shaping traffic from the external interface to the DMZ interface effect all other subnets?? 
How can I make for VPN clients the samba file sharing service a priority.
What about skype??? or just plain web browsing??

Would I be shaping the external interface or the internal interfaces..... since I have 5 internal interfaces I am not sure how a rule on one interface will effect the other....
Also from my reading does the traffic shaping only effect the sent data from the interface????

sorry for all the questions I am just trying to understand how this actually works with multiple interfaces which have completely different services.

Hello !!

I seem to be having some issues with roaming profiles properly updating and synchronizing.  I am not sure if the following problems have always been there or just recently started.

My scenario:
1) desktop computer running windows 7 x64 ultimate SP1
2) laptop computer running windows 7 x64 ultimate SP1

Several users including myself use these machines at random so we the roaming profile is great for our needs.

However this last weekend I changed the desktop background on one of the laptops and logged off.  However when I logged back on to the desktop the changes did not take effect.  If I make the changes on the desktop machine the changes stick.  This problem got me checking for other synchronization issues.  Now I find that I have issues when I create documents and save them to the desktop. Once I log out I can not modify the document or erase them on a different computer.... seems like I only can modify or erase it on the computer it was created.  However on other occasions the document sync is fine and everything works properly...... its almost at random.  The desktop machine seems to work the best with the changes done on that machine usually working properly.   I have tried changing the machines from wired to wireless, but that has no effect.

What should I do to start trouble shooting this issue??  Is this a common issue with Samba and windows systems??
I have tried looking at the zentyal log file, but nothing seems to jump out at me.  Perhaps I am looking at the wrong log file......

I guess one I would like to see if anyone else has had this kind of experience and two if someone could give me a direction to go in order to either resolve the issue or understand what is causing it.

Thank you !!!!

Installation and Upgrades / Network Scanner/Printer Setup - HELP
« on: December 05, 2011, 05:09:20 pm »
I recently tried setting up a printer to be shared on my network (I used my old Officejet 5600 all in one printer).  I plugged in using USB.

I am able to get the printer to work properly using cups (I found the correct driver and was able to give permission to clients).  The officejet prints good, but I don't know how to get the scanner function to work.

I did a quick google and zentyal forum search and see that I need an extra piece of software to be able to using the scanning function of my printer, but in all the post I read it says that my direct scan button on the printer still won't work.

SO my question is do any of you have an all in one printer that you have been able to get both the printer function and the scan function to work??  If you so does it scan just by simply pushing the scan button on the scanner itself???

Also what program did you use to setup up the scanner....... my intention was to purchase an officejet 6500a, but I am holding off because of my test results with the older printer.

Thank you for the advice !!!!!

Installation and Upgrades / OPSI or WPKG
« on: November 30, 2011, 09:07:27 pm »
I have recently looked into a software deployment possibilities.  The two that I came across that looked interesting (I also see that they have been mentioned before) are OPSI and WPKG.

My client environment (about 10 workstations) is only windows 7 systems (with about 4 clients scattered around the world only connected through VPN.....)

Has anyone integrated either one of these system into their Zentyal setup?  I am just starting my research into this so any advice, personal knowledge or experience you can share with me is most appreciated.

I am leaning personally towards using OPSI, but I am not it would be easy to integrate into zentyal because of its tftp server requirements.......

What about installing OPSI on its own virtual server??  Would this work with a zentyal network that already has a LDAP and samba server???

Thanks for any insights you can give me !!!

Installation and Upgrades / PXE boot
« on: November 29, 2011, 10:09:40 pm »
I don't know much about the thin client/PXE boot in Zentyal so this question might be completely of key.

I have a new system which currently has no operating system on it.  Is it possible to use the thin client option under DHCP to install windows 7 on the machine?  Basically a over the network installation.

I have windows 7 as an ISO image located in one of the directories on the zentyal server.

If I can do this could anyone provide a quick how to ..... using zentyal???

I have an assumption that if this is possible I would have to select zentyal as the server under the thin client section.  I would also have to provide the path to the ISO image.  Is this correct?   If so what would I do next???

Thank you !!!

Installation and Upgrades / Virus Scan
« on: November 18, 2011, 03:50:58 pm »
This may be a stupid question, but here it goes:

How do I know that the virus protection is working?  I have it enabled in the PDC and in general on the system, but I have no idea whether it is actually working.

Is there a command for it to scan a particular file????

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