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Hi All,
Not sure when to find step by step docs on exporting and importing users and computers VIA CLI (version 6.2)  (docs a little vague)
Anyone have info or step by step CLI for this. (UI version just available for Commercial Server Edition) I would like to test 7.x with previous data.

thanks in advance.

Hi All,
was finding this difficult to trace cause, thinking this was firewall issue
(It may have been able to be solved via a network config but I lack the info for such an endeavor.)

proxmox (PVE1@ (working fine for several months)
      VM Zentyal 6.3 VM (
      VM CenOS etc

Client (PC@ DHCP via Zentyal, wont allow /24 not sure why that is)
Now installing additional Proxmox server to host further research VM's
Installation went fine.. (The new proxmox report its ready on the

proxmox (PVE2@

I can ping Zentyal ( from proxmox (PVE2@
I can ping proxmox ( from zentyal (

I can not ping proxmox (  from client (
I can not ping proxmox (  from proxmox ( (mask issue?)

thus the GUI to proxmox ( from a client machine ( does not come up.
Checking the log from the Zentyal firewall module reports ACCESS was dropped

2020-12-31 20:15:57  eth1  eth1   TCP  8006    51359    DROP
2020-12-31 20:15:57      eth1      TCP    8006    51359    DROP

As the firewall rules are open and at defaults the issue points to static address may be required for proxmox and
reserved in Zentyal.


reinstalled proxmox with a IPaddress as static (note the mask is not 32)

and reserved the address in Zentyal (DHCP Advanced and added the defined object)

I can now ping from the client  (  to (
and also ping from PVE1 to PVE2

Hopefully this is the correct method for this type of setup,
Help understanding why ZENTYAL dhcp wont work for this would be appreciated.

Versions 6.1

I played around with the "Filtering rules for traffic coming out from Zentyal " (stupid deny rule)
and locked myself out from the web interface.
These two CLI commands I found in the forum arn't working ( as the service does not exist):
Code: [Select]
sudo /etc/init.d/zentyal firewall stop
sudo /etc/init.d/service firewall stop

update found the needed CLI command to temporally stop the firewall
Code: [Select]
sudo zs firewall stopMade the appropriate changes in the WEB interface and now all is good with the world.
then restarted firewall
Code: [Select]
sudo zs firewall start
Thanks to all who where going to reply but I got there first. ::)

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