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Installation and Upgrades / Can't call method "get_value"
« on: December 27, 2011, 10:11:04 am »
Hello everyone,

First of all, merry christmas and a happy new year!

I'm getting the error stated below in the groups section on the slave when i click on "Edit"
Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/ line 741.

Logfiles do not show any errors.
Please advice.

Hello everyone,

I just made a successful master/slave connection. Working perfectly.
But what riddles me is that when i make a group share on the master... should it automatically be created on the slave as well?

Like when i make a (pdc) TESTDOMAIN with 2 servers RUTH (master) and RACHEL (slave)

I made a group named "Support" with a share named "Support". Under Rachel and Ruth both are appearing like expected. But when i want to access rachel (slave) it doesn't give me access. I checked wheter my user is deployed under the group "Support" and it was so no errors from there.

When i press change, it will create the folder and i have access. But it should've done that automatically, right?
Does zentyal sync these folders too?

Installation and Upgrades / Disaster Recovery
« on: November 23, 2011, 11:15:31 am »
Hi everyone,

Let's say you made a stupid mistake (believe me i did a couple of times) did a 'rm -rf /*' and you lost all your data. What's the easiest way to get zentyal completely up and running.

What do you need to backup to minimize the downtime?
I am really curious in what people, who work with zentyal, do to protect their data.


Hello zentyal users,

I've come across a strange little thing. Internet went offline yesterday morning. When i tried to login it jammed on everything. But it should not matter because it's an internal connection you make to your LDAP server or am i wrong?


Installation and Upgrades / Re: VPN tunnel to tunnel problem
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:53:29 am »
Ok thanx guys, will try this later today.
I will post the results here too.

The help is much apreciated.

Installation and Upgrades / VPN tunnel to tunnel problem
« on: October 30, 2011, 02:47:04 pm »
Hello zentyal users, Zentyal server in the branch office Zentyal main server in the central office

What am i trying to do? I'm trying to connect the 2 different networks with eachother
What works? I can connect to on
What doesn't work After i've done the VPN connection, my clients on 10.0.0.x aren't able to connect to zentyal.

I put and in the advertised network sections.
On a tap0 adapter is created with the ip which allows a connection from to
From let's say (a desktop computer) can't reach anything anymore.

Does anyone know what's wrong with this?
Thanx in advance.

Hey everyone,

In a couple of months we will have a branch office and a central office.
It needs the following things

  • A couple of shares that should be accessible from both locations
  • A central user administration (this should be possible with the master/slave setup)
  • Access all clients in the network

I have a couple of ideas... one of them is using a VPN which connects the two locations.
Another idea is make the two locations accessible from the internet by adding some firewall rules.

What's the best way to do this?

Yeah i know now why it is. I just did the setup wrong.
But anyway maybe i explained it in a bit crappy way but the setup is exactly as you stated above.

Will now move on to the next challenge and try to setup my satelite location. I will use a master/slave setup and try to connect the two by using VPN (I already have a working VPN not trough zentyal but my router supports that).

Will post the progess in another subject.

Thanx again for the help everyone!

Ok it seems to be working now!
I will keep you guys updated on the progress cause i will be doing some master/slave configurations soon!

Thanx for now :)

Ok i've been playing around with the options but i can't get it to work.
I have the following setup:

I have  Zentyal Server with IP
My router has IP
I have set the gateway to
I have set the dns to

I want my DHCP clients to get fixed adresses (desktop01 =, desktop02 = etc..) the reason i do this is because i do not have to maintain a lot of workstatiosn and this way only the laptops will get a non fixed dhcp ip.
I want an alias of my zentyal server named lasvegas (just because i can)
I want to be able to ping all workstations from all clients. So when i do ping desktop02 on desktop01 it should work and reply with

How do i set this up correctly?

Edit: Hmm i seem to got it working by using domain.ext instead of sub.domain.ext.

Oké thanx for all the replies. Let's say i have the following setup
DHCP with searchdomain
DHCP lease range and a fixed adress for desktop01

Now to setup de dynamic dns. i also add as a dynamic host.
When desktop01 connect it will get and be pingable from the server lasvegas?

Is this the correct way?


I have a problem with my dns records. Basically when i ping my client "desktop01" it cannot be found.
My main server is: (I want an alias with lasvegas) with IP
My client (desktop01) has IP trough fixed DHCP adress works fine.

But when i do ping lasvegas or ping desktop01 on the server as well as on the client it can´t resolve anything.
Does anyone have a clue about what's going on here?

BTW search domains are specified in network settings aswell as in the clients dhcp config.


Ok this is what i've come up with.
It's my first perl program but it works!

Code: [Select]

use EBox;
use EBox::Global;

my $num_args = $#ARGV + 1;
if ($num_args != 4) {
  print "\n Usage: <username> <password> <firstname> <lastname>\n\n";

my $usersModule = EBox::Global->modInstance('users');
my $user = {"user" => $ARGV[0],"fullname" => $ARGV[2].' '.$ARGV[3],"password" => $ARGV[1],"givenname" => $ARGV[2],"surname" => $ARGV[3],"comment" => ""};

  print "User $ARGV[2] $ARGV[3] created succesfully\n";
} else {
  print "Error while creating user for: $ARGV[2] $ARGV[3]\n";

Usage: <username> <password> <firstname> "<lastname>"
I use the "" in lastname to escape spaces so van der Vaart will be "van der Vaart".

Example: perl vaart.rvd mypass123 Rafael "van der Vaart"

Wow this is really helpfull!
Actually i can run perl scripts from php using the system() command.

I will keep you updated with the status.

Read subject.

Further info:
I'm developing new software for my company and i need a basic understanding of how zentyal adds users to the LDAP database so i can program something that can carry out those actions. Are there any shell commands to add a LDAP user?


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