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I have had a number of issues with Zentyal 3.5.
I have joined to my existing SBS 2003 domain as an additional DC so I can move the email over from exchange and in time ditch the SBS box and migrate to Zentyal 100%.
Upon trying to alter an existing user (in this example Administrator) from Zentyal the email (optional) field is populated automatically from the existing AD. Upon saving the changes I get the error "Address is already in use by the user Administrator".
I also get a similar error with more debug detail when I try and setup the mail & openchange modules and from this. I have traced the error to the EBox::Samba::checkMailNotInUse method.

As far as I can see looking at the source code (I am a php not a perl developer but it looks similar) the EBox::Samba::checkMailNotInUse method / function does not apply the logic to test if the response relates to the current object. Surely this should be done else editing an object runs the method in question and if the email field has been previously populated the edit on the object will always throw an exception.

One other way would be to exclude the current object when performing the ldap lookup somehow.

As I have said I am not a perl developer nd have no knowledge of the Zentyal architecture but I think I am on the right lines.
I will try and submit a bug report if I can but I am not currently sure how to go about it.

Many Thanks


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