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I have an online backup solution called jungledisk. The local backup software can be started by firing up a command line program called jungledisk.

I hacked my previous suse configuration to start this thing up in the boot scripts.

Given that all the configuration of zentyal is template driven and I'm not familiar with the boot configuration system (and it's a long time since I did it on suse :)  ) how would I go about calling this program on startup and then again on shutdown?

Hi there

I can create distribution lists in zarafa but I cannot send emails to them from the web client. If I right click on a normal contact I see a menu with the option to send an email in it. Also I can add a normal contact by clicking on the to / bcc buttons in the mail editor or by using auto completion on there address. That all works for normal contacts. However none of these options works for the distribution list.

I have tried variations of one or two known good email addresses but with no success.

Installation and Upgrades / [SOLVED] Samba won't update dns (still)
« on: February 24, 2013, 02:33:45 am »
NB have simplified the issue further down in the history of this post

Hi I have Zentyal Community box (Core version 3.0.13 )

It runs the dhcp service and is configured to do dynamic domain updates. It is also running as a Windows domain controller and file server.

One of the windows XP clients keeps appearing to get two leases. These show up on the dashboard and in /var/lib/dhcp/dhcp.leases

The result is that the reverse lookup (by ip) matches the IP address handed out by the DHCP server on the zentyal box. The forward look up of the name comes up with a different IP.  :o

Interestingly if the machine is dropped out of the domain the dynamic IP address seems to work with both forward and revers lookups correct. If it's added back in to the domain then the problem reoccurs

I've tried changing the name of the windows box and manually hacking the dhcp.leases file and the forward lookup file for bind in /var/lib/bind (having stopped bind and deleted the journal.

At the moment the machine appears to work ok on the domain but it is annoying.

Anybody got any ideas?

Hi there

I have the following scenario:

My zentyal box (v3.01) is on a dynamic ip address and I don't have any intention to use it as my primary public mail server.

I have an external mail provider that recieves and sends mail for Each user has a mail account on this provider

I want to replicate the setup I had on my previous suse box that works as follows:

Mail is downloaded from my mail provider to each users local mail box - this would be done using the "Mail retrieval from external accounts" option under the users configuration.

I would like the user setup so that when they reply to an email in Zarafa it is sent from there address.

I would like all mails to be relayed via my external mail providers smtp.

I should point out that the user names for the local user and the remote mailbox is the same. Ie a local user with a user name of "bob" would have a remote email address of ""

It doesn't matter if a user sends a mail to another user using Zarafa and that mail is only sent internally. Ie if emails and the email goes to alices internal mail box but not to her external one, this is fine. However any mail bob sends externally must appear to come from and must be relayed through the mail providers smtp. The users do not have any other email address they will send from.

I've seen lots of mails on here that seem similar but I'm not sure about it.


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