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I want to setup a new server. Downloaded zentyal-6.0-development-amd64.iso, md5sum is ok. But usb-creator cannot open the iso. Same with 5.1, while 4.2 works fine.
Tried it on a Ubuntu 16.04 and on a 18.04 machine.

usb-creator-gtk says:
GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_value_free: assertion 'value != NULL' failed
isoinfo: Unable to find Joliet SVD

How can I create a USB stick for installation?

thanks for help, Gerd

I did an upgrade from 3.5.5 to 3.5.9. (on ubuntu 14.04) and now mail has problems. mail did not start, everything else is ok. Whenever I tried to start mail (by web administration or by terminal), it seems to do the start, and tells me "started", no error message. But the module status itself keeps beeing "stopped". I tried some things, and found out, that it has something to do with "retrieve mail from external account". When I disable this, mail immediately starts, enabling it immediatly stops mail. Also removal of all external accounts "helps", but of course then zentyal does not what I want  >:(.
I did not change anything other than zentyal component upgrade and system updates (from zentyal web administration).
I use roundcube as webmailer, it still works, all old mails still available. Also sending emails from roundcube still working.
Any idea?
thanks for help, Gerd

Other modules / data backup
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:25:44 pm »
I have been using zentyal for several years for my private local server. After some problems and uncautious actions by myself I lost some data (emails). Unfortunately I was also very lazy about backup, so it has been gone. Now I did a fresh install with 3.5.5.
I would like to improve backup now. My question is: There is a backup module in zentyal. It works on files and folders, which I have to specify (include or exclude). So far very good. But what about a data base like mysql? Do we need special care about it? I considered using automysqlbackup. Or is it good enough just to include the apropriate mysql data folders in backup? Which folders hold the database? What would you recommend as backup and recover strategy for mysql?

thanks, Gerd

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