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I think I have the same problem.

I have "" registered that points to google apps. I mainly use it to handle my internet mailing. I want to host a local server that handles internal mail accounts with the same domain, and also retrieve internet mail from for specific internal mail accounts.
I used to do that in another manually configured linux server using sendmail+fetchmail+qpopper.
Now that I configured ebox to do the same tasks, I get "mail forwarding loop for".

As you said I have to change the local domain for my ebox. So my question is if  there is a way to set an ebox server with a local domain while hosting mail accounts with the domain that exists both in my intranet and the internet?

I have the same problem. My proxy runs on default port and is not in transparent mode. I use "authorize and filter" mode (though "always accept" doesn't work either). I didn't change anything in the firewall, so I can see the "usercorner" service running fine as a firewall rule.

It seems there's a problem with squid because when I try loading the user corner page on a browser set to use a proxy, the page page doesn't load. AND, if I use a browser without proxy configured it loads the page normally.

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