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Installation and Upgrades / some logg-on log off issues on z 3.1
« on: May 17, 2013, 09:19:24 pm »

after small tests im noticing a few minor things and 1 major issue:

lets start with the small things:
the second time im starting up my server i get promted to a terminal logon ....
witch by the way should be the way zentyal will handle  monitorless-servers. the only issue i see for non-techi users, is that there is no  indication  for them on how to get into the grafical user interface...  so a message saying:  " you can login with your username + password here,   than  type startx at the following promt to start the grafical interface "   

if this  booting to the cli was unitended behaviour  for some strange reason i would still hope that this 'bug' will not be fixed and the above started tip would still be added as a 'patch' 

but there is a more pressing matter:

when in the gui:  you het the start menu  and go to  'log off'  the grafical sessing is nicely terminated  BUT your not logged of from the system,  instead i was still logged on as:  admuser@zen31.domain.lan   on tty1 obviously this should NOT be,  and many people with either  no know how to, or  forget to  logg of completely and access to the server's configuration may be at risk

German / No train services in belgium oct 3 2012
« on: September 29, 2012, 10:40:08 pm »
Dear all,

first of all sorry for posting in enlish as my german isn't that good and i didn't want to put you guys up with a bad google translation...

As posted in the dutch forum by Robb,   there will be no train service in belgium from october 2,  22:00 untill   october 3 22:00 ...

so for those of you who are flying from  brussels south / charloi airport to zaragoza spain (for the sumit) this tuesday.  you aboslutely can not go to the airport by train that day.. 

if you dont have a car or someone to drive you your best chances are to find a hotel in charloi  or brussels..

hopefully not many of you  wil face this problem,

see you guys at the sumit... !


situation is this:

i have a home office, with only a few users, and a zentyal box... 

before i had a  fixed ip from my  Internet Service Provider,  but i had to switch to a new provider for better speeds and more stable connection  (from  docsis 2  cable - to  fiber lan)

the only down side,  my new isp  billes a fixed ip at   20 euro per month...  witch is way out of budget...

now many people would say,  get dyndns ...   but there is a problem with  that  too....  since not all  internet providers  abbide by the 'ttl settings in a domain'  so  some providers will cash a dsn resolve  for a day  where your ip might change  every 4h (dhcp lease).   

now you have two options:

1  get a fixed ip from elswhere,  and setup a  vpn to that provider   routing all data to    you@your.domain  through that vpn to your local server...   (costs aprox  5$ a month with a 100gb data limit). 

2  set up dyn dns anyway  but provide an aditional mail server,  witch  could  'buffer'  your email traffic  in case of server down time, or  dns ip  miss-match... 

my question: 

a:   are there any other alternatives in the  verry  'budget' range of solutions...
b:   how would  YOU solve this,  considering the rist that you might lose emails, if its configured wrong...
c:   is there actually a way to 'catch'  all mail send to  *  to  relay it to your home hosted server, either emediately or  as soon as you get back your internet connection.....   

this is a usercase cenario that  im certain of  im not the only one having it.... 

please share your insigt, so  me and other people can benefit, and this info could lead to a new wiki page as well...

Installation and Upgrades / save on mobile internet costs.
« on: August 18, 2011, 03:11:32 pm »
mobile internet gateway ...

i guess ive been kind of spoiled, living in the netherlands,  since we had   our mobile smartphones, connected to the internet for 10 euro's a month with no limmits or at least close to no limits, thats why we (or i) never had to think about saving bandwidt ...

this changed,  whil profits droped the prices went skyrocket, and here i am trying to use internet  with a data transmission limit of  less than a gig ...  where first i was allowed to use over 3gb each month...

this forces me to start saving bandwidth, but this also goes for people who never had this luxary ... or people only equiped with gprs connections ...


one way would be to use website whitelist... (no access to any site but....   %list% .... ) but thats no fun, and we can do better...

in hte next few days ill be testing and tweaking to find ways to do so...

any tips and sugestions  are most welcome...

my first bet wil be once i get it installed im hoping to share a howto on installing... 

Dutch / missende info (wiki)
« on: July 31, 2011, 11:05:20 pm »

ik ben aan het experimenteren met zentyal voor een eigen 'prive servertje' 
welke uiteindelijk de taken van  google  apps   zou moeten overnemen.
maar er zijn nogal wat gaten in de weg...

1:  hoe installeer ik zentyal  met een zo optimaal mogelijk gebruik van diskruimte..

ik heb een opstart disk van  20gb (een laptop hdd welke ik toch niet meer gebruik), deze is in principe snel genoeg voor een linux server,  en beschikt over genoeg ruimte voor het os... bovendien is ie flink zuiniger dan een standaard hdd...  later wil ik hem misschien vervangen voor een ssd..

dan heb ik   n (in mijn geval 3 (later 6))...,  sata schijven van elke 1tb ...   het grote probleem is dat ik er tegen op zie om een linux installatie op een software raid5 te zetten... kortom dat wordt hem niet..

kortom welke volumes / folders installeer je op je  raid5  disk...  /var ??    /home    /srv  ???    of is er een mogelijkheid om   dit creativer op te lossen...

het liefste  zou ik  alle  roaming profiles (een stuk of  8 a 10),  alles shared folders  ... de mysql db van zarafa  en de maildata    allemaal onderbrengen onder   /srv  -   en heb daar ook een feature req voor gepost op track... - maar eerlijk gezegt, heb ik er weinig vertrouwen in dat dit ooit gaat komen...   

heeft er iemand tips???   

welke mappen zou ik onder moeten brengen  op m'n  raid5 ... en welke  laat ik beter op de boot schijf..

Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal-desktop_NG
« on: September 19, 2010, 04:53:16 pm »
Dear all,

even though being a home user (using ebox as a file/print server with added ubuntu (torrent) software,  and other 'private'  services.  i do take some intrest in this,

this is why im considering that i might be profitable to take it to the next level,

we all know that  ebox / zentyal  is a good and stable product,   but in my honnest opinion it still lacks useful features,  for that reason it would suite that more modules would be added.

one of them, i think,  should be,  terminal-services like  clients,   running  Xorg, and for example a vnc-client  to connect to a  complete zentyal optimized version of  ubuntu  10.4  

now there  mainly 2 ways of getting this done,

1:  install a virtualmachine hypervisor,  like  KVM,  Qemu (in usermode virtualisation mode)  or  Virtualbox.  

2: install  (x)ubuntu-desktop within a chroot,   using LTSP

what you want depends on your requirements, the hardware that runs your zentyal-server  and a number of other things,

- this topic start is meant to start a discussion on how it should be done, the possibilities we have,  and in the end if its worth the trouble of doing it. 

if im to do this however, it should be clear that any code that i will write for this, will be released under the GPL version 3,  and the GPL licence ONLY.
any code submitted, or any external modules used should therefor.  be GPL v3 compatible,

if this in anyway is impossible, or not desired, i will refrain from doing any work at all.

please keep it ontopic.

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