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Title: Zentyal 6.1 PDC Win 10 Home Folders
Post by: swenga on February 17, 2020, 11:56:30 am
Hello all,

i'm using Zentyal 6.1 Commercial Version as a PDC & Fileserver on a fresh install. It is intende to use Roaming Profiles. During test rollout some weird behaviour can be seen:

There are some users, who can see only the public shares and their own home when accessing \\SERVERNAME.DOMAIN\ . For them everything works fine.

But there are some users (call them A), who can see not only their home but also some other users home (B) in \\SERVERNAME.DOMAIN\ . If you click on B home, you will be rejected, which is fine. However when they want to create a folder in A home, which already exists in B home, they dont have permission to do so. You can create some folder, which will then be accesibel and in users A home, but you cant rename it to the same name which already exists in B's Home.

Now the really weird stuff: If you access the PDC via \\IP you only see A's home and creation of folders works perfectly. However the H: drive is per default mapped to \\SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.

Any ideas? Server is updated (Core 6.1.2), also the Win Clients (Win 10 Pro).
Title: Re: Zentyal 6.1 PDC Win 10 Home Folders
Post by: swenga on February 18, 2020, 07:24:00 am
Some more findings:

I deleted all the user profiles, first via webinterface and the on harddisk /home and /home/samba/profiles, however some user shares are still visible in the domain. So i assume that there are leftovers in the Active directory, which then irritate clients in accessin the correct user share.

Looking now for a working way to cleanup the Active directory. Obviously deleting a user via Users/Manage isnt always working....