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We've received a message from Darren, asking if the following features are supported in eBox Platform. I'd very much appreciate if you could answer him and we could share the information with everybody else who might be interested. I'll re-direct him here. Thank you in advance :)!

We want to know if the following features are supported:

1) Integration with active directory. We want to be able to limit access by windows active directory users and groups in our existing domain controller (not the one built into ebox)

2) User-based content filtering. For each user, we want to be able to restrict them to a list of websites that they can go on, and deny all others

Please advise if these solutions are possible with the ebox system

thanks and best regards,

Spanish / Cambiar todas las propiedades de un dominio (en un usario)
« on: March 26, 2009, 05:47:55 pm »

Nos ha llegado esta pregunta de Jaume. Le voy a re-dirigir al foro; os agradecería le contaseis :)!! Muchas gracias por adelantado! Heidi

Me gustaria haceros una pregunta. Por ejemplo, veo que en un usuario no se le pueden cambiar todas las propiedades de un dominio como por ejemplo pwdMustChange, pwdCanChange, etc...

Teneis pensado en un futuro proximo implementarlo? o hay por ahi algun
modulo que ya lo haga?

Un saludo.



Another message we have received from Dez :)! I'd appreciate if you could clear his doubts regarding eBox Platform. Thank you again :)! Heidi

i wanted to ask you a few things about your ebox product

1) is there a jaunty (ubuntu 9.x) ready edition yet?
2) you say you have made the live disk with remastersys, so is your iso multi bootable and installable via the menu like a standard remastersys'd ubuntu/debian disk?
3) i heard of this product by accident really, but i wander what is ebox compared to in microsoft kind of way e.g a nt4 server,  2000 server, 2003 server, 2008 server etc etc?
and last but not least
4) more of a suggestion really, what about combining both the manual install and the live disk as one as a seperate iso, like ubuntu does for thier dvd versions?

kind regards,

Installation and Upgrades / Problem with key / self-signing
« on: March 26, 2009, 05:26:20 pm »

We have just received the following message from Kevin. I'd be very glad if you could help him out. I'll re-direct him here. Thank you in advance :)! Heidi

"The key you guys are giving or self-signing doesn't even work using w3m on the machine I made it on. I'm getting a lot of security errors on this box I just installed eBox on using Ubuntu Server".

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