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Title: problems with navigation
Post by: cesar67 on December 29, 2020, 02:18:37 pm
Thanks for letting me join, I have the following problem, I have version 3.2, it has worked perfect, but recently it has had problems, it does not let me navigate it gives me ip but it does not access the internet, I have made the available updates, I have observed that a Sometimes it loses configurations, in the network interfaces, I reviewed a tutorial and I think I have done everything right, even so nothing, on the server if you browse and access the internet, I have everything through wifi, it gives me the impression that there is some problem sometimes with the dhcp, because it keeps getting ip, other times it connects and does not browse, other times sometimes it lets only use whatsapp, I already checked the modules, the ranfos, the gateway, the dns, the packet filtering, everything is in anyone, I already know what to do.