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Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal backup config from ssh
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:40:41 pm »
Hi to everybody,
I'd like to know how I can make a complete and ready-to-run backup of all the config files from ssh.
I'd like to know in case of any strange problems about web interface.
I just need to copy all the files from /etc/ebox and from /var/lib/ebox/conf/ ?

Please need your help.

Installation and Upgrades / Block p2p
« on: February 21, 2011, 04:41:41 pm »
Hi to all,
can someone show me the steps  to conifgure zentyal for a basic p2p filter propouse box ?
Can We have to use the Http proxy ?

THX for all.

Hi to all, I need to set up the management option in openvpn server configurations, in order to monitor the status.
I have 2 WAN Interface with 2 different static ip, and I need to configure 2 different management option for each server configuration files.

So I try to edit

sudo vim /usr/share/ebox/stubs/openvpn/openvpn.conf.mas

and insert the line management 7505

If I use only one openvpn server everything goes well, but when I set-on the second one, this one never start because it cannot bind the port 7505 'cause it was used in the first configuration.

How can I edit every openvpn server configuration in order to set differents option on both ?
I need to insert the option management 7505 for the first server and
management 7510 for the second server.

Thank to all.

Installation and Upgrades / Ebox 1.4 and WAN FailOver Big Problem
« on: January 18, 2011, 04:55:58 pm »
Hi to all,
I have been working for 2 day about WAN Failover service.
My server is ebox 1.4 and this is my network topology

ETH0 -> a.a.a.a First Gateway Static IP
ETH1 -> b.b.b.b/24 Office LAn
ETH2 -> c.c.c.c Secondary Gateway with Static IP

I have two gateway, the first with weight 10 set as default and the second with weight 2 set as not default.

The WANFailover rules are

each time : 60seconds
ping to host :
number of probes : 5
ratio success : 20%

Balance Traffic set to off ,but with a multi-gateway rule for any kind of protocoll to the first gateway.

Well, when I try to unplugged the first gateway, the system switch to the second gateway and everything goes up right and the second gateway turn to default.
But When I plugged again the first gateway, nothing change, and the secondary gateway still remain the default gateway.

Please help me.
Thank you

Installation and Upgrades / Access router behind ebox firewall
« on: January 17, 2011, 05:44:24 pm »
Hi to all,
I used Ebox 1.4 in my company and this is my topology

Eth0 -> WAN --->Gateway
Eth1 -> LAN -> Gateway for internal lan
Eth2 -> WAN --> Gateway
VPN with exposed lan
For administrator purpouse I need to access the web configuration of the router
while I'm in vpn.
I have been trying to add a static
"sudo iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -o tap0 -d -j MASQUERADE"
with no luck.
add a port forward rule from ebox GUI with no luck.
Can anybody helps me ?
Thank in advance

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